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Aug/15/2016 is a great new online resource to help Australian betting and casino fans make the most of their online gaming.

Aussie gamblers seeking the best free deals and offers no longer need to waste hours of valuable playing time finding the best promotions - consolidates all currently available leading offers into one, handy, all-inclusive portal.

Players can access specially-negotiated deals with the best gaming sites without having to complete any additional registration forms, and there are full listings and reviews of the top places to play with tips and guidance on tap as well.

The entire site has been specifically designed to ensure that any player visiting the site can supercharge their playing career from the moment they join. Users at all levels will be armed with the kind of inside knowledge that’s usually only picked up by professional and semi-pro players after years of painstaking research and hard-won experience.

Popular sports bookmakers are covered with in-depth reviews such as CrownBet and all major Australian sports bookmakers, whilst casino games focussed on include traditional offerings like roulette, blackjack and baccarat – though most of the attention centres around the ever-popular pokies.

Players will be shown the very latest promotions and new pokies together with a large list of Australian-facing casinos listed and reviewed alongside.

Factual information like exactly which methods of payment are accepted and details of the parent company operating each casino are researched extensively and scrutinised by an experienced team of industry experts who have joined literally hundreds of online casinos and know what to look out for.

Opinions are also given, once the site’s reviewers have toured each respective site extensively. They will bet online, via download and – if applicable – mobile format to make sure the software platform works properly, and interact with customer service agents via email, phone and live chat to check that they respond quickly to queries and resolve them within an acceptable timescale.

An overall verdict on the site that enables players to make a quick decision about whether to join is then given.

Site editor Tom Williams is very upbeat about, saying:

“We’re not aware of any other site offering the Australian gamer this much instant information. Choosing a gaming site and finding the best offers takes up far too much time for players no matter how experienced. If you want the best deals on the best sports bets and pokies, why waste endless hours finding them yourself when you could be having a good time?”

No trouble has been spared to source the information used on, yet its users won’t be bored with unnecessary details either. Achieving the mix is not easy, but the team behind this site have been operating similar sites in other markets for several years, making them fully confident that the new site will hit the spot with Aussie gamers from the moment it’s launched.


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