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Sometimes making that trip of a lifetime to Sin City isn't possible, with life so often getting in the way. However, that need not mean you miss out entirely, with many apps now allowing you to live it up, Vegas style, without so much as leaving the house.

Here are just some of the apps that are making sure those who want to have a Vegas style party from the comfort of their own living room or garden can do just that.

The Beats Go on, with LiveXLive

Las Vegas has recently become something of a hub for music lovers, with everything from insanely stacked DJ line-ups at the strip’s biggest clubs, all the way through to rave festivals and live shows featuring the likes of Lady Gaga and Drake.

One of the most welcome additions to the Vegas music line-up has been the wonderfully named Electric Daisy Carnival, or the EDC as it’s known, which combines all the strip’s most famous resident DJs with other megastars from around the world. The result is one of the largest and loudest EDM festivals anywhere on the planet.

Of course, this year’s festival will not take place, but for fans of many of the festival’s main movers and shakers the LiveXLive app is featuring free streams of 10-hour long DJ sets. So, dim your house lights, get your glow sticks out and drown out the neighbors with some thudding house and techno.


Live Gaming Shifts Online

Whether it is the World Series of Poker main event having to be postponed or live Esports events being cancelled, gaming has been hit just like any other business on the strip.

However, unlike other sectors, gaming has the ability to take itself online at the drop of a hat, and many of the strip’s big players boast their own apps and online spaces, many of which have all the features you'd expect to see on a Vegas resort’s green felt tables or in the Esports gaming centers that have begun popping up all over town.

With many tournaments and contests attracting record numbers online, it may be the case that many choose to stay online for the foreseeable future.


Sports Crowds Stay Home, But Never Miss A Play

The NFL Draft got with the times and went virtual, drawing in record viewing numbers in the process, which is curious when you consider that everyone has always just watched it on TV anyway. Cautious optimism abounds in Las Vegas that this could be the year the Raiders, armed with their new stadium, could make a real impact on the big leagues. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that their shinny new home will see many bums on seats, meaning fans will have to cheer on their heroes from the couch.

In this regard fans are covered by not one app but two, with both the NFL Game Pass and CBS allowing gridiron nuts to stream as many live games as they wish.

Of course, it is not just the Raiders capturing the imagination of Vegas sports fans, with combat sports as popular as ever. Both boxing and MMA shows have been some of the first to be cleared to return to regular action, albeit with the same crowd restrictions in place as there are for the NFL. When it comes to boxing, some excellent new streaming services have come on the market of late, with DAZN leading the way, although more established networks can also be accessed online via the likes of ESPN’s sports app.

DAZN also cover the Bellator MMA franchise, while the ever-popular UFC has its very own fight pass, which allows fans to watch on mobile or tablet.

Hopefully the jewel of the Nevada Desert can soon return to her former glory, but until then at least these apps have her pilgrims entertained.

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