Advances in Technology Make a Bright Future for Online Casinos

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In the last decade or so there have been huge leaps in technology on a number of different fronts. Electric cars and renewable energy have dominated the headlines, as well as reusable space rockets and powerful, connected computers that fit in our pockets.

There have been huge advances in gaming too, and not just in better graphics and sound. How we play games is changing, and not just video games. Casino gaming has found itself at the forefront of a number of gaming advances, and social gaming is now becoming an important part of the online casino experience.

As once young console gamers grow older, they may still find time for Super Mario, but they are also looking for a new experience, as well as a chance to see a financial return from all those hours spent sitting in front of a television with a gamepad in their hands. Many online gaming groups know this, and we are beginning to see a shift in online casinos towards games with more narrative and higher tech than ever before. 

New Game Design Blurs the Lines Between Video Games and Casino Games

Big casino game developers have been teaming up with video game veteran designers to bring a new breed of games to online casinos. 

The days of simple slots, where all you have to do is match three pieces of fruit to win are long gone. Games quickly became more advanced than that, and added some characters to the occasion, but little else. 

The new games being developed today blur the lines that used to separate casino gaming and video gaming, and introduce narrative and story structure to slot machines. You are no longer just spinning reels; you are on a quest for gold or part of a space mission to save a planet. 

Changes like these are designed to entice and interest younger players who have a history of playing computer games and expect more from a game than just spinning to win. Many industries are having to come up with new ways to cater to this generation of tech-savvy young adults who are the future of their businesses, and online casinos are looking to video gaming for some inspiration.

Virtual Reality Casinos will be a Hub for VR Chat and Gaming

Virtual Reality is a technology that will begin to dominate many areas of entertainment over the next few years. Online cinema looks set to be the first big development, with huge media companies like Netflix and Disney investing in Virtual Reality space, and small, independent companies like Big Screen making big waves by getting into the technology early.

Online casinos are the perfect place for a number of Virtual Reality technologies to converge, most notably chat and gaming. The social space that an online casino creates can be utilized much more effectively in VR, with gamers avatars sitting at realistic tables and slot machines, or even sitting in bar and café spaces taking a break from games.

Many of the world’s top gaming groups are taking VR very seriously, and are seeing it as a way to get younger people that haven’t considered gaming at casinos to walk through the virtual door and have a few spins on a slot machine or play some hands of poker. Virtual Reality is going to impact a lot of industries both positively and negatively. Online casinos look set to make some big profits from investing early in VR.

Online Casino Gaming is More Popular Than Ever Before

There has been a steady growth in online casino gaming for a number of years, and the industry is keen to retain and build upon it by investing in new technology. There are a number of reasons for the increase in the number of unique visitors to online casinos. One is the lack of brick and mortar casinos available in some parts of the world, as well as changing tastes and an older demographic that has become more tech-savvy.

If you want to find out what people think about a casino and see what new players are talking about, then you should read some of the best online casino reviews produced by Top Dog Casinos. Reviews like these are great for getting a sense of the market and for finding recommendations for casinos to visit. Some of the best casino reviews are for online casinos that work hard to maintain cutting edge technology and game design to keep their patrons interested and their gaming varied.

Brick and Mortar Bookmakers and Online Casinos are Merging 

Economic recessions around the world have hit high streets across the planet, but some of the hardest-hit businesses have been the brick and mortar bookmakers. The reduced footfall on British high streets in cities and towns made the previous decade hard for brick and mortar bookmakers who offer odds on sporting events like football and horse racing.

In the last few years, many have teamed up with online gaming companies to produce branded online casinos that offer their customers, and new customers, a casino experience beneath a gambling brand they can trust. This has led to growth in the online casino industry and a fresh and much-needed revenue stream to the bookmakers. It has also increased competition in the online casino space, to the benefit of gamers.

All this competition has been driving a technology race between online casino groups to have the next big advancement or exclusive title to offer players. This huge range of online casino options available to new players is also an embarrassment of riches, with many big-name casinos offering deposit matching and signing bonuses to new accounts to try and get fresh business.

The Whole World is Meeting in Casino Spaces

A big draw for many players is a global playing space, where people from all around the world can meet and chat. This has always been something that online casinos had to offer since the early days of gaming, but it is no longer a unique selling point with the advancements in social media and global connectivity. This has meant that online casinos have had to up their chat game to stay relevant in the age of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Online casinos are now investing in chat technology and avatar design that will help make casino chatting more immersive and detailed than ever before. As technology like VR and video chat becomes more and more popular, this approach will help casinos stay at the forefront of online chatting and become an online meeting place for people across the world to chat and game together. In the future, casino gaming will be a much more social experience.

Online casinos have always been some of the most popular sites on the internet since the internet began, with some of the biggest online gaming powerhouses having sites that date back to the mid-90s. Their popularity shows no sign of slowing thanks to advances in gaming and internet technology and their commitment to developing fresh games to tempt new players.

Combining virtual reality with the gaming and social space that online casinos offer makes it look like a safe bet that online casinos are going to continue to grow over the next decade and beyond.


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