4 Casino Trends in 2021 You Need To Know About

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The past year has turned upside down all the plans we had for 2021. This has reflected in all aspects of human life, both personal and professional. Many industries, including the entertainment industry, have moved their businesses to online platforms. 

It came as no surprise that the online gambling industry flourished during the Covid-19 pandemic. After many land-based casinos and bookies had to close their doors to players, the transition to online betting and gambling was almost instant. Of course, there are still countries around the world where online gambling isn’t permitted. But for most of them, there are bills already waiting to be passed, to enable the local players to enjoy their favourite games on the go.

Therefore, the casino trends for 2021, have been greatly defined by these events. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most important casino trends that you need to know about. 

Mobile Gaming Will Have More Users 

In an era where almost anything is done with a few clicks on your smartphone, the gambling industry has decided to commit more time and funds on enabling players to enjoy their favourite games via casino apps. Younger people, and most of all students, find that their mobile phone is the one thing they can’t live without. All of their college tasks are handled with a fast Internet connection and a few apps. So, in order to make it possible for them to also enjoy their favourite games just in time when Casinosters made a ranking of TOP casinos is a smart move. With this more convenient way of visiting UK online casinos, the players will be able to play both from the comfort of their home and on the go. According to the latest estimates and casino reviews, the mobile gambling industry will be about 59% of the entire gaming industry by the time the year 2021 begins. 

E-Sports Betting Will Continue To Be On The Rise

Although the Covid-19 pandemic caused many businesses to feel a financial blow, there was one part of the gambling industry that came out of the dark and gained popularity like never before. 

Sports betting has taken the greatest share of the online gambling market in recent years. Sports fans have found wagering to be extremely fun when their favourite team or player is on the field, court, pitch, ring, etc. Since all sports events were cancelled over the greater part of 2020, most punters started paying attention to eSports. 

The streaming platforms made it available for them to follow the competitions that are extremely entertaining. And with the possibility of efficient online betting, the bettors have given eSports a chance to become more popular than ever before. So, for 2021, it’s expected that eSports will become one of the preferred sports betting options for punters around the world. 

Virtual Reality Gaming

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There’s no better example of how much we have advanced technologically than with any VR application that is available for the general public. Virtual Reality gaming is indeed becoming a reality for all of us, especially for fans of online casino games. It will undoubtedly change the way the gambling industry works. It’s expected that many online casinos will make VR gaming available in 2021. And there was never a greater need for this to happen. Because VR will provide the players with an experience as though they were playing in a real land-based casino.

Cryptocurrency Casinos

One of the biggest concerns of every online player is how to deposit and withdraw their money from the prefered online casino. And it’s expected that Cryptocurrency will become normal for most online casinos in 2021, as it has proven itself as one of the easiest ways for players to make their transactions. Since Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin use blockchain technology, they offer a fast and secured method of payment. 


Over the year 2020 so much has changed that it was expected for 2021 to be full of surprises. The latest casino trends that we’ll get to see after the new year begins, will surely impact the way we gamble in many different ways. So, let’s wait and see. 



Joshua Robinson is a dedicated writer who brings you the latest news from the sports betting and gambling industry. Joshua’s experience has made him a real connoisseur of important and hot news that all fans of the iGaming industry should know of. In his time off, Joshua watches differents sports events, but most of all the NBA league. 

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