3 Ideal Ways to Play Roulette Online

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Casino gaming is becoming increasingly popular across the UK, with the industry clocking in a gross gambling yield of over £14 million in 2018.

The increased accessibility to the diverse range of high-quality games that are available via the remote sector, which now accounts for the largest share of the market, further cements it as a powerhouse industry in Great Britain.

Of the many different types of games commonly associated with the casino gaming scene, roulette is up there with the most iconic. Rising to fame in Europe and taking root in the USA despite the sum of its numbers tallying the number of the beast, roulette is enjoyed at casinos all over the world, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that online casinos have made the game a centrepiece of their respective offerings.

Much like other casino classics, particularly slot games, the online space has allowed the classic game to diversify and offer players many different ways to play. While there has always been diversity through the standard offering of European, French, or American format tables, digital game developers have been able to run wild with their new themes, wheels, and combinations so that anyone can find their ideal way to play the game. SkyCity live casino even offers no fewer than 9 different live roulette versions of the game.

Penny Roulette

Played on a European table, so there’s only a single zero zone, with the additional racetrack for different betting combinations, Penny Roulette brings players everything that the popular casino game can deliver but with the option to place low-cost bets at a single penny apiece. The Playtech-made game has earned a strong following for its option to place the smallest possible wager on inside bets, but it can also appeal to those who deem themselves to be high-rollers, with the maximum bet across the board being £25,000 per spin. Penny Roulette makes for a very accessible, entry-level title for casual or new players as well as an appealing variant for bigger bettors.

Mini Roulette

For anyone who has ever thought that the number range of 0 to 36 was too much, Mini Roulette is here to offer a condensed version of the game. In Mini Roulette, there are only the numbers 0 to 12 – only one zero pocket – with the chance to bet on all of your favourite zones, such as the columns, sets, odd/even, and the two colours, as well as individual numbers, doubles, triples, or squares. It’s everything that you love about roulette but in a miniature version.  

Live Age of the Gods Roulette

Age of the Gods might just be the biggest and most popular suite of progressive jackpot slots in the online casino space. Featuring deities from across Greek mythology, including the likes of Zeus, Hercules, and Athena, Live Age of the Gods Roulette is a live roulette game where the Greek setting and progressive jackpot element have been fused into one title. On a single-zero wheel, players simply play a regular game of live roulette but are in with a chance of triggering one of the progressive jackpots with each spin.

These three online roulette variants offer brand new ways to enjoy the game with the inclusion of the smallest minimum bet, a smaller wheel, or the chance to land a progressive jackpot.


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