20 Interesting little known facts about gambling

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Casinos are interesting places where people spend their free time. There are a lot of legends which arise from gambling places and worldwide casino spots. Some of them are legendary and fascinating for regular players. If you are interested to find out 20 most alluring facts about gambling, read this review on Casino på nett revealing stories.

1.    FedEx owner rescued the company by gambling in Las Vegas

Frederick Smith was on the verge of decline when he decided to go to Vegas and try his luck. It happened in 1973 when Smith earned $27,000 in a blackjack game and saved the company from decay. What an inspiring story!

2.    Each player can voluntarily ban himself from the casino

In case you become a gambling addict, there is a way to exclude yourself from the casino. Each player can ban himself for a year, five or the entire life. In case of exclusion, you are not allowed to enter the casino in Ohio, unless you want to commit the crime.

3.    In a Nevada prison there was a casino for convicts

The state of Nevada in the USA was popular for inmate casino. They ran it for almost 35 years, from 1932 to 1967. The casino is closed by latter California warden as it was a degradation for prisoners.

4.    Sandwiches are originally invented in a casino spot

This legend comes from 1765 when John Montagu played and ate at the casino table. He didn’t want to leave the place in order to eat so he ordered the servants to bring him the slices of bread with meat.

5.    Gambling lovers used to pee all over the casino place

It sounds crazy but it really happens. Some casino players don’t want to leave their places and go to the toilette. Two cases are recorded in the USA, in Indiana and New Jersey state in 2015.

6.    Monaco citizens are not allowed to gamble in Monte Carlo casino

Starting from the mid-1800s, Monaco citizens can’t gamble in the prominent Monte Carlo casino. The good news for local citizen is that they can take a deduction from their income tax.

7.    The smallest casino in the world is located in the back part of the London cab

Can you imagine a casino without an address? One such casino is Grosvenor with its mobile casino, situated in the London cab. There you can play table games, dealer or sport while traveling around the city.

8.    Slot machines were used to produce chewing gum

It is well-known fact that slot machine dispensed fruit-flavored chewing gums. It was in 1880 and even today you can see the traces on the slot signs.

9.    Vegas casino capitalized from the bomb testing in 1959

The story started in 1951 when the US department of energy performed the atomic bomb testing. Casinos in Vegas profited from the activity by serving atomic cocktails and organizing Atomic parties.

10.    Casinos don’t pump oxygen on the gambling floors

This is the legend far away from reality. It originates from the story in the Fools Die novel when Xanadu pumps the oxygen on the gaming floor. Casinos don’t use this trick to keep the players interested.

11.    The title craps originates from crabs

Crap game got the name from the term crabs. Thanks to the old British game Hazard, we could hear the title rolling crabs. Some years later, crabs become craps for some reason.

12.    The worldwide gambling capital is not Las Vegas

The biggest casino in the world has the center in Macau. The place is well known for high roller games which bring a plenty of money.

13.    It is harder to win American roulette than European version

American sort of roulette includes both 0 and 00 casino house. It means the American roulette has 38 places for ball to fall.

14.    Dealers can’t leave the table if they don’t show the hands to the camera

Dealers are carefully overlooked by the cameras. When they leave the gambling place they show the hands to prove that they didn’t steal the chips.

15.    Some roulette wheels add up the number up to 666

In the typical roulette place, number 666 appears if you add all numbers on the wheel. The occurrence is related to the devil myth and biblical story.

16.    Non-smoking casinos make fewer ambulance calls

The study by San Francisco university revealed that casinos with smoking ban make fewer hospitalization calls.

17.    Blackjack card counting strategy is legal

All players of blackjack can keep track of dealt and remaining cards in the game. However, casinos always try to prevent players of doing it.

18.    Casino places are not legal In Japan

Local Japanese players can’t enjoy gambling experience. Instead of it, Japan introduced Pachinko slot machine which distributes silvers balls to the players.

19.    The Man from II World War won millions playing slot machines

Elmar Sherman, a veteran from the II World War, won incredible $4,6 millions on a slot machine in 1989 and $21,1 million in 2005.

20.    Penny slot machines are more profitable than others

Make the bet with penny slot machine and earn more than you can imagine. In 2013, Atlantic club casino included more than 70% of penny slot machines.


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