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Here is what you should know about online Bingo rules if you want to win numerous attractive prizes! In just a few steps you will learn how to be among the best Bingo players!

Main types of Bingo

Before we explain basic rules of Bingo, we want to introduce you to three main types of the game that you can choose between. What all the games have in common is a card with numbers.

The most commonly played Bingo in the US is a 75ball Bingo. The card that goes with this version of the game is a 5x5 grid with 24 numbers. There’s a blank space in the middle. The numbers go to 75. You can find it on websites listed on

Next one, we can say the previous version’s counterpart,  is 90ball Bingo, which is commonly played in Australia and Europe. The numbers here go to 90, and they are divided into three rows and nine columns.

“New kid in a block” 80ball Bingo, with numbers going to 80, has 4x4 grid. This type of Bingo, unlike two previously described, was made exclusively to be an online Bingo version.

Besides these three, there’s also a so-called “speed bingo”, or 30ball Bingo. It has a 3x3 grid. Although this type is not so common as an online version, still it’s available in some online casinos. Some players love it because it’s a quickly-played type of Bingo.

Most popular patterns

In order to win, you need to have one of three following combinations:

-a single line (full horizontal/vertical/diagonal line of numbers marked off)

-two lines (two horizontal/vertical lines marked off)

-Full house (all numbers marked off, also known as “blackout”)

Online bingo provides plenty of amazing and interesting patterns that increase chances for players to win additional prizes. The most popular ones are all four corners,” X” or “blackout” patterns. However, there are even more patterns available.

For example, you can have those shaped like “T” or “U” letters. Besides regular, they come as upside down or turned sideways. Speaking of letters, you may also form some others, such as “Y”, “E”, “C”, “L”, “N” and so on.

You can also form a so-called “diamond” pattern, which comes either as a little or as a big. You can also for an “inside picture frame” or an “outside picture frame”, as well as a “broken picture frame”.

As you can see, the list is more or less endless, and the only limit is the imagination. But one thing for sure, the more the patterns, the bigger the excitement while playing the game. Moreover, you get more chances to win.

Basic designations of Bingo patterns

As you could see, the number of patterns is endless. Whereas there are many different patterns that can be formed and played, they all come in three basic designations. Some cards even have them highlighted or marked.

The first one is standard or static. In this option, patterns cannot be moved or shifted, they are found within a single square on a card.

When a pattern can be rotated in three additional directions without changing the basic appearance, it’s called a crazy pattern.  It can be rotated for 90, 180 or 270 degrees (or in simple non-mathematical words, upside down and sideways).

The last one is called wild or scattered patterns, where the symbol itself remains unchanged but can be located anywhere on the card.

Should I play single or multiplayer Bingo?

Even though the main association when one says Bingo is a whole bunch of merry people gathered while numbers are called out, the Internet has slightly changed that picture. It allowed people to choose between playing with many people or playing Bingo by themselves.

In a single player variant, a player chooses when and where will he/she play the game. It’s exclusively available in online Bingo casinos. As soon as one defines the amount of money to bet on each card, the game may begin.

On the other hand, multiplayer is similar to a land-based one. People gather in “rooms”, in this case, virtual ones. They compete against each other, not against the casino, like in a single player variant. The fact that players communicate with each other via chat during the game makes this one similar to the real Bingo!

Final thoughts on Bingo rules

As you can see, this fantastic traditional game is rather simple to play. All it takes is to choose the type of Bingo that suits you the most. Now that you are familiar with the rules and all the patterns, it will be easier for you to enjoy the game at its best! Just make sure you are careful with your money. The goal is to play and have fun, not to end up moneyless!

What every player should have in mind is that this game is all about luck and excitement! Forget about the strategies, enjoy its unpredictability! As long as you have that in mind, Bingo will be the best game you have ever played!

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