Odds to Win Gold in the Luge Team Relay

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Odds to win gold in the Luge Team Relay had Germany as a monster -2000, rendering this on unbetable.

The Luge Team Rally debuted in the Olympics at the 2014 Sochi Games.

From WFLA.com:

Germany is the clear favorite. They claimed the inaugural Olympic team relay gold medal in Sochi. Not surprising, considering Germany also swept the gold medals in men’s singles, women’s singles and doubles in 2014. Germany also claimed the team relay title at all three editions of the Luge World Championships since the 2014 Olympics.

Luge - Team
Team Relay - Odds to Win Gold Medal
07:30 AM 92884 Germany   -2000  
92885 Austria   +800  
92886 OAR   +2000  
92887 USA   +2000  
92888 Canada   +2000  
92889 Latvia   +2000  
92890 Italy   +3300  
92891 Poland   +5000  
92892 Romania   +8000  


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