Odds to Win Gold - the Biathlon - Women's 15km, Men's 20km

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Gambling911.com has your Biathlon odds to win gold for both the Women's 15km and Men's 20km Individual.

Laura Dahlmeier was coming in as the -200 favorite to win the 15km Individual.

She won gold earlier Monday and is 2-for-2 in gold-medal opportunities at the Pyeongchang Games and is the first woman to win the sprint and the pursuit in the same Olympics since the latter race was added as an event in 2002.

"I don't know what to say because I felt really, really tired before the race and also during the race in the first laps," Dahlmeier said. "I just tried to stay focused and now I'm here again."

Dahlmeier is a German biathlete. Dahlmeier started in her first world cup races in the 2012/13 season. In 2014, she participated in the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Martin Fourcade is the favorite at -170 to win the Men's 20km Individual.

Fourcade is a French biathlete and an eleven-time World Champion, triple Olympic champion and a six-time winner of the Overall World Cup.

Fourcade erased a 27.8-second deficit at the first shooting bout Monday night to win gold in the men's 12.5km.

"I'm very satisfied because it was a big disappointment yesterday for me," Fourcade said. "The sprint race was the one I wanted to win. It was the one that I have never won at the Olympics.

"I will probably miss my career without the Olympics in the sprint. I wanted the gold yesterday and I missed, so I was really disappointed. And today, I am so satisfied I left it as a champion."

Biathlon - Women
Odds to Win 15km Individual
04:45 AM 92527 Laura Dahlmeier   -200  
92528 Kaisa Makarainen   +1000  
92529 Darya Domarcheva   +900  
92530 Dorothea Wierer   +1000  
92531 Anastasiya Kuzmina   +900  
92532 Yuliia Dzhima   +5000  
92533 Valj Semerenko   +5000  
92534 Franziska Hilderbrand   +6600  
92535 Lisa Vittozzi   +6600  
92536 Justine Braisaz   +3300  
92537 Vita Semerenko   +6600  
92538 Marie Dorin Habert   +5000  
92539 Veronika Vitkova   +2000  
92540 Anais Bescond   +1400  
Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018
Biathlon - Men
Odds to Win 20km Individual
06:30 AM 93128 Martin Fourcade   -170  
93129 Johannes Boe   +350  
93130 Ondrej Moravec   +2000  
93131 Jakov Fak   +1600  
93132 Emil Hegle Svendsen   +1600  
93133 Simon Eder   +3300  
93134 Simon Schempp   +1200  
93135 Tarjei Boe   +1200  
93136 Lowell Bailey   +4000  
93137 Tim Burke   +10000  

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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