2018 Winter Olympics Speed Skating Odds - Men 1500m, Women 500m Fast Track

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Odds to win the Speed Skating Men 1500m gold medal had Kjeld Nuis at EVEN odds and Koen Verweij at 2/1.  The Short Track Speed Skating Women's 500m had Min Jeong Choi at +120 odds and Elise Christie at +250.

Kjeld Nuis is a Dutch speed skater. He is the 2017 world champion in the 1000 and 1500 meter events, and the current holder of the Dutch 1000 m record. He lives in Emmen.

Koen Verweij is a Dutch speedskater and inline speed skater. At the end of the skating season 2008–09 he made a transfer from the Jong Oranje team of the national skating union to the commercial team of TVM.

Choi Min-jeong is a South Korean short track speed skater. Choi was awarded her first senior individual gold medal ahead of Arianna Fontana and Shim Suk-hee, passing through the finish line of the women's 1500 m final for second ISU Short Track World Cup of the 2014-2015 seasons held in Montreal, Canada.

Elise Christie is a British short track speed skater. She is coached by Nicky Gooch and she specialises in the 1000m event. She is ten times a European gold medalist, including two overall European titles in 2015 and 2016.

Speed Skating - Men
1500m - Odds to Win Gold Medal
06:00 AM 93008 Kjeld Nuis   +100  
93009 Koen Verweij   +190  
93010 Sverre Lunde Pedersen   +750  
93011 Joey Mantia   +1200  
93012 Patrick Roest   +1000  
93013 Vincent De Haitre   +2500  
93014 Allan Dahl Johansson   +2500  
93015 Min Seok Kim   +2000  
93016 Shani Davis   +2200  
93017 Sindre Henriksen   +3300  
93018 Takuro Oda   +5000  
93019 Denny Morrison   +5000  
Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018
Short Track Speed Skating - Women
500m - Odds to Win Gold Medal
05:00 AM 93085 Min Jeong Choi   +120  
93086 Elise Christie   +250  
93087 Marianne St-Gelais   +400  
93088 Kim Boutin   +400  
93089 Arianna Fontana   +600  
93090 Sofia Prosvirnova   +2000  
93091 Martina Valcepina   +2000  
93092 Maame Biney   +3300  
93093 Kexin Fan   +1400  
93094 Yara Van Kerkhof   +6600  

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