Mouth Vows to End 2 Day Registrations in Any Poker Tourney With 75 Percent of Field Out

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Ace King
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Mike "The Mouth" Matusow has an issue with two day registrations when most of the field is already out.


He tweeted Sunday:

"Till the day I die I will continue to do everything in my power to end day 2 reg into any poker tourney with 2/3 of fields out! If you want to reg day 2 max you can get is 10 big blinds in nl or 5 big bets in limit! Wsop needs to stop catering to the rich at the expense of integrity of tourney poker! Hey Wsop how many of 92 bracelets were won on day 2 reg or max late reg? I’ll bet over 5 prolly over 10! Goodnight"

The Mouth has been vocal about this practice in recent days especially.

And poker pro Todd Witteles has come to Mike's defense here.

"Mike is correct here. It completely perverts the concept of tournaments, allowing deep pocketed pros the ability to shave off a full day's worth of play, giving them a way to leapfrog much of the field, in exchange for coming in short. It shouldn't be allowed."

Biloxi Bomber did pose this question, however:

"What’s difference of day 1 regging with 2/3 field out and day 2 regging with 2/3 of the field out? I’m all for regging closing sooner! But should worry more about what level it closes and not what day."

S. Lee P. offered up a comparison to tennis.

"Suppose we have a tennis tourney w/ 32 players. If equally skilled, each player has a 1/32 chance to win. The top half plays on Day 1. At the start of Day 2, do the players in the bottom half of the bracket now have a 1/24 chance to win, since 8 players were eliminated on Day 1?"

Pepe Brett added this:

"Should be data out there on # of entries w/ ranging LR times, higher GTDs = greater turnout. We still haven’t solved WSOP lines being a few hrs yet. No matter what the rules, it’ll be exploited."

- Ace King,

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