This is Sick! An NFL Player Loses $8 Million Betting Sports

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Nagesh Rath
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While the NFL prohibits non-playing employees from betting on sports, actual players can.  And now this policy is coming back to bite the league in the ass.


On Wednesday it was revealed that a yet-to-be-named player had lost a whopping $8 million wagering on sports last year, this according to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio.

He questioned the logic in allowing players to place sports bets.

"So why did the Commissioner agree to let players wager on sports other than NFL football? With no ability to resist the will and discretion of the Commissioner, why wouldn’t he make it a basic requirement, in exchange for the privilege of playing in the NFL, to surrender the right to wager on any sporting event?"

"Players on teams in states that have yet to legalize sports wagering (Texas, California, Florida) can’t bet on any sporting events. Why let the players in the states where it’s legal do it?

Then there was this theory that Florio says isn't as crazy as it might sound:

Chris Simms had an interesting idea during Tuesday’s PFT Live, one that could qualify him for one of the other four spots in Howie Roseman’s Top Five NFL Conspiracy Theorists List.

Simms wonders whether the sports books want young men with plenty of disposable dollars and a possible itch for the dopamine rush that comes from winning a bet to be able to do so.

It’s not a crazy thought. “Hey, NFL, we give you a ton of money to be one of your various official sports book partners. Help us win some of it back, why don’t you?”

Florio also revealed that his own dad was a bookie who inspired Father of Mine and he instilled something early on in Mike's life.

"I never bet because he shared with me at a young age this simple, three-word lesson: You. Can’t. Win."

- Nagesh Rath,

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