New Punishments Announced by NCAA for Those Who Violate Gambling Policy

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Dan Shapiro
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The NCAA on Wednesday afternoon announced revised punishments for student-athletes who violate the association's gambling policy.


Most notably, individuals will be subject to an entire season of ineligibility.

Those found to be involved in fixing games will face a potential permanent loss of collegiate eligibility.

Student-athletes who bet on their own sport but not involving their school are subject to a potential loss of 50% of one season.

There will be some leniency based on the amount wagered as well.  For example, bets totaling $201-$500 could result in a loss of 10% of a season of eligibility whereas bets totaling more than $800 could result in a loss of 30% of a season of eligibility.

"These new guidelines modernize penalties for college athletes at a time when sports wagering has been legalized in dozens of states and is easily accessible nationwide with online betting platforms," Alex Ricker-Gilbert, athletics director at Jacksonville and chair of the DI Legislative Committee, said in a release announcing the changes. "While sports wagering by college athletes is still a concern - particularly as we remain committed to preserving the integrity of competition in college sports - consideration of mitigating factors is appropriate as staff prescribe penalties for young people who have made mistakes in this space."

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