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The NBA passed some hard-and-fast rules yesterday about how and when teams can rest their players. And if they choose to pay the fines and look the other way, then (most) players who don't log enough games will be ineligible for league awards.


Our team had some fun with the new rules, creating odds for which teams will be fined the most times, which players won't reach the minimum number of games played and more.

NBA rules odds are subject to change and will be updated in real-time on this page:


Which player will not be eligible for NBA Awards?       

Zion Williamson            -3300

Kawhi Leonard              -2500

Anthony Davis              -2000

Paul George                  -1000

Karl-Anthony Towns      -400

Joel Embiid                   -300

Kyrie Irving                   -250

Bradley Beal                 -150

Devin Booker                +100

Tyrese Haliburton         +100

Damian Lillard               +150

Jimmy Butler                +150

Giannis Antetokounmpo+200

Victor Wembanyama    +250

Luka Doncic                  +350


Which teams will be the first fined for resting a player?           

Los Angeles Clippers                  +200

Phoenix Suns                            +250

Los Angeles Lakers                    +300

San Antonio Spurs                     +500

Dallas Mavericks                       +800

Milwaukee Bucks                      +1000

Philadelphia 76ers                     +1200

Miami Heat                               +1600

Minnesota Timberwolves          +3300


Which team will accrue the most fines for resting players?                   

Los Angeles Clippers      +150

Phoenix Suns                +200

Los Angeles Lakers        +250

Dallas Mavericks           +750

San Antonio Spurs         +1000

Miami Heat                   +1200


When will the first fine for resting playing be levied?               

Games 11-20                +100

Games 1-10                  +125

Games 21-30                +300

Games 31-40                +700

Games 41-50                +1600

Games 51 or later         +3300

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