Mine Mine Quest Slot: Delve into the Mines for Buried Treasure

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Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey deep within the mines with Dice Girl as your guide. In this exclusive review, we'll delve into the heart of Tom Horn Gaming's captivating slot, 'Mine Mine Quest.' Join Dice Girl as she leads us through the underground tunnels, unveiling the hidden treasures and unique features of this thrilling game. If you're ready to unearth buried riches and experience the excitement of Mine Mine Quest, let's set off on this mining adventure together.

Embark on a thrilling underground expedition to strike it rich! Get your mining equipment ready, as a vast labyrinth of mine tunnels awaits, brimming with untold riches for those bold enough to conquer the dangers that lie ahead. Spanning across a grid of 9x8 reels, race against time to collect all the precious gold and gemstones that the mine has to offer.

Tom Horn Gaming's slot, Mine Mine Quest, takes players on an underground adventure with miners as they use their tools to unearth gold nuggets from deep mines. Unlike traditional slot games, there are no winning lines in Mine Mine Quest. Instead, players must aim to create clusters of five or more matching symbols to achieve a win.

Key Game Detail

On November 2, 2021, the highly-anticipated "Mine Mine Quest" made its debut, setting the stage for an extraordinary gambling experience. This slot game doesn't hold back, offering players a heart-pounding journey through its unique features and gameplay dynamics.

With an impressive layout of 9 reels and 8 paylines, "Mine Mine Quest" instantly sets itself apart from the crowd. This grid structure opens up a world of possibilities, allowing players to explore and seek their fortune across a vast expanse of symbols and potential wins.

However, what truly elevates "Mine Mine Quest" to a league of its own is its high-risk, high-reward nature. This game is not for the faint of heart, as it offers a thrilling rollercoaster ride where players can win up to a staggering 223.6 times their initial bet. It's a game that beckons to those who crave the excitement and adrenaline rush of high-volatility gameplay.

But fear not, for fairness is a key component of the "Mine Mine Quest" experience. The game boasts a commendable 95.41% return to player rate, ensuring that every player is given a fair and equitable opportunity to claim their share of the riches hidden within the mine's depths. "Mine Mine Quest" strikes the perfect balance between risk and reward, making it an enticing option for both seasoned gamblers and newcomers looking for an unforgettable gaming adventure.



To win, you need to have 5 or more symbols that match and are next to each other horizontally or vertically. Only the biggest win in each group is paid out. Once you win, the symbols are removed, and new symbols fall in to take their place. If there are multiple groups of symbols that match but are not connected, they are paid out separately.


When a winning combination is formed on the screen, it is assessed and then bursts. Fresh symbols drop from above to replace them and fill any empty spaces. This SHATTER MODE persists until a new winning combination emerges on the screen.


The SHAKE UP feature is activated at random when no winning combinations occur during the base game. This feature ensures that a win is guaranteed.


Every time you win, it adds to the collection of symbols. Once a certain number of symbol wins are reached, you unlock a special feature. There are two different features: GIANT SYMBOL and WILD STRING. GIANT SYMBOL is activated when you collect enough high symbols, while WILD STRING is activated when you collect enough low symbols. Once you have no more wins, the next feature in line will be activated.


If there are 5 or more TNT symbols during the Shatter mode, it will activate the Free Spins feature. The number of Free Spins awarded will be randomly determined between 5 and 20 at the beginning of the Free Spins. If all three features – Giant Symbol, Wild String, and Free Spins – are awarded, they will be played and evaluated in the order of priority mentioned above.


Set against a mining backdrop, this classic game exudes an authentic wooden aesthetic. The intricate details of ropes and ore-filled trolleys transport players to the heart of a bustling mine. Contrasting against the rustic background, the vibrant reels burst with an array of dazzling gems in various hues. Amidst the sparkling jewel symbols, players will also encounter a lantern, a diligent digger, and other captivating components that epitomize the mining theme.

The music enjoyable to listen to. Additionally, the symbols in the game are impressively animated.

The paytable includes five low-value gems in varying colors, such as blue, red, green, yellow, and purple. These gems can reward players with a payout ranging from 3 times to 8 times their initial bet if they form a cluster of 15 or more. On the other hand, the lantern, helmet, trolley, and digger symbols are more valuable and can yield winnings of up to 50 times the original bet if players manage to create a cluster of 15 or more of these symbols.


Mine Mine Quest is a game that combines traditional and innovative gameplay elements to create a unique and exciting experience. With all the features, the base mode of the game is very entertaining. However, when wilds, scatters, or other special symbols and features are activated, the game becomes even more thrilling. With its unique cluster pay mechanic, high volatility, and rewarding bonus features, Mine Mine Quest is a must-try for slot fans of all levels. Offering an exhilarating gaming experience with the potential for big wins, Mine Mine Quest is a game that you won't want to miss.

- B.E. Delmer, Gambling911.com

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