MGM Employees Report Not Getting Paid Amidst Cyber Attack

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Aaron Goldstein
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There has been some rumblings over the weekend that MGM may have missed payroll for some of its employees as a cyber attack continues to wreak havoc throughout the company's properties nationwide. 


Fox 5 spoke to one employee who says he's been unable to access the web service used for scheduling and payroll.

“We kind of heard about it when we were in class, and I’m like let me check my account, and we saw that we were locked out."

Alvin Evans III is training to join the security team at T-Mobile arena, which is co-owned by MGM Resorts International.

“How does this happen? And my information is definitely in some of those apps, so I’m definitely worried about that,” he said.

MGM insisted on Thursday payroll would not be affected by the attack, which shut down slot machines, ATMs and made room keys inoperable.

“I’ve been trying to call HR, I did emails, I did everything I can, and nobody still hasn’t responded to me,” said Evans. “I’m kind of getting a little frustrated because I have bills coming up I have to pay. I had to tell Nevada Energy to put a little hold on it for me.”

Evans said he knows of at least four other new hires in the training academy who haven’t gotten paid yet either.

It's not immediately clear if these are just isolated cases affecting only a handful of employees.

Don Israel posted a 403 error page that pops up when he attempted to access the payroll page.

"@ReneeMontgomery it’s really insane how this story isn’t on the front page of every major news organization. @MGMResortsIntl does not have control of their main systems. Check out the time of this screen shot. This is MGM OKTA it’s how employees get paid. It’s shut down!"

- Aaron Goldstein,

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