McGregor vs Chandler Fight Officially Announced: Odds Have Changed a Bit in Two Months

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Don Shapiro
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Dana White back in December said that he expects Conor McGregor's first fight back to be against Michael Chandler.

Nearly two months later, the fight between McGregor and Chandler was officially confirmed Sunday February 5, 2023, but the odds have drastically changed since initially opening on December 8.

BetOnline had made McGregor a -155 favorite against Chandler, who was a +135 underdog when the odds first opened back in December.


By December 19, McGregor had dropped to -140 (Chandler +120), and now, he’s even less of a favorite.

This trajectory of this line is trending toward a tossup these two finally face off in the octagon, which will be sometime after August 15 when both finish as coaches in the The Ultimate Fighter.

Currently, 83.6% of the total betting handle is on Chandler.

Fight Odds

Michael Chandler +110

Conor McGregor -130

McGregor is absolute gold for the sportsbooks in recent years.

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