Mayfield Trade Impact on the Panthers Odds

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C Costigan
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As the old adage goes in football: If you have two quarterbacks, you don’t really have one.

After Baker Mayfield was traded to the Panthers for basically a sack of balls today, most sportsbooks gave Carolina better Super Bowl, NFC and division chances. But BetOnline pivoted the other way, worsening the Panthers’ futures odds across the board.

“Baker Mayfield doesn’t move the needle in our eyes,” spokesperson Dave Mason said. “They have different styles, and I could begrudgingly argue Mayfield is a tiny bit better than Darnold, but at the end of the day they are both below-average NFL players.

“I expect Rhule to make this an open quarterback competition in camp. They didn’t give up much, and they’re basically being paid the same salary. Rhule could initially end up going with the QB he coached for a season…a guy he and his receivers are comfortable with. Either way, adding Mayfield only creates more headache and drama off the field. He certainly doesn’t make this a better team.”

BetOnline adjusted its futures odds in this manner:

Panthers before Mayfield trade

Super Bowl: 125-1

NFC: 50-1

NFC South: 10-1

Panthers after Mayfield trade

Super Bowl: 130-1

NFC: 60-1

NFC South: 11-1

Additionally, there is a prop bet for who will be the starter when the regular season begins.

Panthers starting QB in Week 1

Sam Darnold +250

Baker Mayfield -400

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