Mark Cuban Presidential Odds Slashed From 250-1 to 80-1

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Mark Cuban probably isn't going to run for president in 2024 despite rampant speculation following Tuesday night's breaking news that he is selling a piece of the Dallas Mavericks to casino mogul Miriam Adelson.


He is also slated to exit his lucrative role as host of the reality TV show 'Shark Tank' after Season 16.

Cuban hasn't spoken publicly about running for president in quite some time, but many people get excited about the possibility of a practical, middle-of-the-road, non-politician putting his name in the hat.

So many people, in fact, that gambling website slashed Cuban's 2024 President Elect odds from 250/1 to 80/1 during the last 12 hours following a reported "onslaught of bets."

The bookmaker also created odds for Cuban's potential running mate in the 2024 Election, and there are more than 30 intriguing names on the list.

The favorites include politicians such as Mitt Romney, Joe Manchin, Liz Cheney while there are dark horses such as Condoleeza Rice, Andrew Yang and Oprah Winfrey. The long shots include people like George Clooney, RFK Jr. and Michael Bloomberg.

In 2020 Cuban publicly floated an independent run for president. He confirmed in July that he engaged in past conversations with No Labels, the bipartisan group seeking ballot access for a third-party presidential candidate next year in all 50 states. His political views have leaned toward libertarianism.

Cuban was initially supportive of businessman-turned-U.S.-President Donald Trump but has since called him "an idiot".

“Look, personally I don't have a problem with the guy,” The then-62-year-old Cuban said of Trump in 2020 after Joe Biden became President. "Now professionally as the president, I think he's an idiot. You know, I never thought he was smart in talking to him.”

Cuban's choice to sell part of the Mavs to Adelson is an interesting choice as her late husband was among the biggest donors to the GOP.  She, too, continues to donate heavily to the party.

All that said, Vegas doesn't expect Cuban to run in 2024 as the site has set his chances at 20/1. His odds for launching a 2024 campaign...a bit better at 6/1.

If Cuban isn't running, then what is next for the serial entrepreneur? Of course, there are odds for that as well, which you can find below.

Mark Cuban Vice President Pick                       

Joe Manchin                 3/1

Mitt Romney                3/1

Liz Cheney                    8/1

Adam Kinzinger             20/1

Chris Christie                20/1

Oprah Winfrey              20/1

Kamala Harris               25/1

Andrew Yang                50/1

Condoleeza Rice            50/1

Dwayne Johnson           50/1

Gavin Newsom              100/1

LeBron James                100/1

Michael B. Jordan         100/1

Michelle Obama            100/1

Taylor Swift                  100/1

Tiger Woods                 100/1

Elon Musk                    150/1

Clay Travis                    200/1

Cory Booker                  200/1

George Clooney            200/1

John Legend                 200/1

Pete Buttigieg               200/1

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.    500/1

Michael Bloomberg       1000/1

Mike Pence                   1000/1

Nikki Haley                   1000/1

Ron DeSantis                1000/1

Bernie Sanders              5000/1

Donald Trump Sr.          5000/1

Joe Biden                      5000/1

Sarah Palin                   5000/1


Mark Cuban Next Project                     

Sports Betting/Casino                3/2

Real Estate Company Founder   2/1

Tech Company Founder             5/2

Cannabis Company Founder      6/1

Run For President                     8/1

Psychedelics Company Founder 12/1

Sports Franchise Owner            12/1

Cryptocurrency Founder            14/1

Show/News Anchor                   15/1

Movie/Show Actor                    20/1

- Frank Doyle,

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