Latest Trump, Biden, DeSantis Odds: Surprise! No Movement Here

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Since a federal criminal indictment was announced against former US President Donald Trump, There has been little or no movement of the 2024 Presidential odds.

Here is what we had ahead of last week's announced indictment.  Biden's +130 means that a $10 bet pays out $13.  Tim Scott at +4000 would pay out $400 on a $10 bet.


Biden +130

Trump +275 (worsened from +235)

DeSantis +400 (improved from +450)

Kennedy Jr. +1600 (improved from +2000)

Harris +2500

Obama +2500

Haley +2800

Newsom +3000

Scott +4000

Haley +5000

Pence +5000 (improved from +8000)

But there have been changes noted, mostly among the 3 percenters.  That would be the Republican candidates not getting a whole lot of play, those not named Trump or DeSantis.

For example, Nikki Haley is seeing a pretty significant decline this week.  Her number has dropped from +2800 to +5000 Wednesday.

In a Miami federal court Wednesday, Trump plead not guilty.  He became the first former president to face a judge on federal charges.

He is accused of mishandling government secrets and classified documents and obstructing efforts by the government to get them back.

Following the arraignment, Trump said that  “the seal is broken by what they’ve done. They should never have done this".

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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