Israel Adesanya vs Sean Strickland Fight Preview, Prop Bets

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Tyrone Black
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Mystic Zach Hirsch (ipickwins) and UFC Hall of Famer 'Suga' Rashad Evans make their predictions on this weekend's UFC 293 Main Event of Israel Adesanya vs Sean Strickland.

Israel Adesanya comes into this fight as the big -650 favorite and Strickland was promising a payout of $475 for every $100 bet.

Both fighters continued to exchange barbs ahead of this big fight.

"When I walk in that f---ing cage ... I want to go and win that belt for you guys," Strickland said Thursday. "And I want to bring some pride back to the middleweight division. I've got what it takes. I'm ready. I'm up for it."

"This is his moment," Adesanya said of Strickland at the news conference. "Sunday afternoon it's my moment. Sunday, I'm going to knock this motherf---er out."

"He's talking all this s---, but he should be grateful. I got him his first passport. I got him his first flight out of his country. I got him this big-money fight," Adesanya said. "He tries to act like a tough guy, but there's no danger with him. He's that idiot at the back of the class who talks over you and talks loud just to get his point across."

Prop Bets

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Rot     Fight Outcome     Moneyline
1001     Sean Strickland By KO, TKO, DQ or Submission         +675
1002     Sean Strickland By Decision or Technical Decision         +1400
1003     Israel Adesanya By KO, TKO, DQ or Submission         -140
1004     Israel Adesanya By Decision or Technical Decision         +165
1005     Draw         +6600
Rot     Round Betting     Moneyline
1006     Sean Strickland In Round 1         +2200
1007     Sean Strickland In Round 2         +2500
1008     Sean Strickland In Round 3         +3300
1009     Sean Strickland In Round 4         +3300
1010     Sean Strickland In Round 5         +3300
1011     Sean Strickland By Points         +1400
1012     Israel Adesanya In Round 1         +500
1013     Israel Adesanya In Round 2         +550
1014     Israel Adesanya In Round 3         +650
1015     Israel Adesanya In Round 4         +750
1016     Israel Adesanya In Round 5         +1000
1017     Israel Adesanya By Points         +165
1018     Draw         +6600
Rot     Round Betting Either Winner     Moneyline
1019     Either Winner In Round 1         +425
1020     Either Winner In Round 2         +450
1021     Either Winner In Round 3         +550
1022     Either Winner In Round 4         +700
1023     Either Winner In Round 5         +900
1024     To Go The Distance         +140

- Tyrone Black,

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