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Transylvania – The team at European Gaming Media and Events are excited to announce that starting this week they are opening up the iGamingRadio platform for the industry to share their audio content.

iGamingRadio.com is the first online radio in the industry to broadcast live shows about industry related topics and from the beginning of its launch in July 2017, it already attracts a medium of 800 listeners per day.

Zoltán Tűndik, Founder, Co-Owner and Head of Business at European Gaming Media and Events stated: “The industry has to embrace new channels of content sharing and we are really happy to provide this free service for all interested companies in order to move into mainstream media. The platform is available for b2b service providers, industry media, event organizers and even operators to share their news via recorded shows, webinars or even live podcast streams.

The company encourages all industry shareholders to take advantage of this opportunity and start engaging with their partners and prospects via the power of voice and sound!

You can apply / submit you show, stream or podcast on the following link.

About European Gaming Media and Events (formerly EEGMedia/EEGEvents)

European Gaming Media and Events is a leading media and boutique-style gaming event organizer in Europe that produces and shares industry news across several media outlets (founded, owned and operated by the company).

The company is known to bringing innovative content distribution ways and has established their strong presence even from its early days.

Besides news broadcasting, the company produces the prominent conferences in the region such as:

  • CEEGC (Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference)
  • CEEG Awards (Central and Eastern European Gaming Awards)
  • Prague Gaming Summit
  • Mare Balticum - Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Summit
  • Baltic and Scandinavia Gaming Awards
  • EGC (European Gaming Congress)
  • VIGE (Vienna International Gaming Expo)

For more details about the company, latest news and event they organize, visit europeangaming.eu

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