Coming to America: The iGaming Market is Back!

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He's been pondering the idea of leaping into the American market for some time and now that sports betting prohibition has been repealed, it is time.



Keith McDonnell of KM iGaming is an iGaming industry expert who has been working in his field for over a decade, with a special focus on the European and Asian markets…until now. While McDonnell will retain his interests in Asia and Europe, he has declared a leap into the regulated American market, both professionally and literally, as in one week’s time he’s moving his business, family and dog to the “Land of the Free”.

An established, regulated online gambling industry has been existing in the UK, Europe and parts of Asia for years. McDonnell’s legacy knowledge in these markets has put him in a perfect position to consult with companies who are anxious to open up a US-facing online gambling business.

“[My experience is] only valuable because there are so many pitfalls and I’ve probably jumped headfirst into most of them, but people tell me that’s the best way to learn”, McDonnell joked.

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