iGB Live 2018 in Amsterdam - Affiliate Marketing to Disappear in 2020?

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iGB Live 2018 is off to a terrific start in Amsterdam Wednesday. 

Isle of Man, long an online gambling hub and one considered difficult to gain access to, was on hand at this year's event. They were hosting some networking drinks at their Isle of Man eGaming lounge at 3pm Wednesday.

Planet of the Apes were not present at this event with the NetEnt team, which had a slightly smaller booth than in Malta's SIGMA event back in November.  Theya are among the most respected providers of online casino games.  Check out the NetEnt review here.   

The Digitain team is all here in Amsterdam.  Their sportsbook software is deployed with the latest API technology easily integrates into a clients’ existing platform or, we can provide the full end-2-end solution.

LeoVegas is in Amsterdam.  Check out the LeoVegas review here

Malta Gaming Authority Deputy General Counsel, Carl Brincat, discussed topics such as virtual currencies, loot boxes, skin betting & new/emerging regulation during iGB Conference in Amsterdam below.

Beach bar gathering....minus the beach

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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