How Much Money Should an Online Gambling Affiliate Expect to Make Month After Month?

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Aaron Goldstein
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A poster on the Affiliate Guard Dog forum asks the question: How many of your (online gambling affiliate) brands do you actually make a profit from?

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That poster, danniee, noted:

"For some reason, my players tend to be extremely lucky, almost to the point that I'm starting to wonder how operators survive. I know there are plenty of bonus abusers and even syndicates out there and I know it's likely that I attract a bunch of them but still. How is this even possible since the casino is supposed to have the upper hand.

"Out of the 32 or so brands I work with, I'm in profit on 8 of them, and it's almost systematically like this month after month. I can't complain, however, since I'm doing good but still, it's obviously not as good as it should be in my mind."

LandofOz chimed in:

"A handful of programs generate 90% of my income."

Herein lies the issue, it's not always about having winning players in a particular affiliate program so much as it's just not the most ideal program out there.

One might not win every single month with an affiliate program, but that shouldn't be the trend.

The Gooner explains:

"If program fails for 2-3 months then it's on the chopping block.

"I hate to waste advertising impressions, or confuse the visitor with too many offers.  I prefer 15-20 tightly targeted destinations, each with many of active players."

KasinoKing writes:

“Monthly I guess I make some income from only about half the 60+ programs I promote, with only a small handful of them being significant income.”

And it can also depend on the type of deal, as betclever explains:

"We always work on try to work on a hybrid deal where the CPA is paid regardless of the revenue share.

"We have had months on programmes where the revenue share is negative but still make on the CPA so depends if you would include that as profit."

Though taken from 2009, much of the below example probably still holds true today with only a small percentage of online gambling affiliates representing the top tier income over $100K per month.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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