Shackleford Odds Still Better Than 8/1 as Storms Head for Belmont Stakes

Written by:
Don Shapiro
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Shackleford Odds

A line of thunderstorms and heavy rain were moving towards Belmont Park, home of today’s Belmont Stakes.  A sloppy track seemed almost inevitable.  Still, Shackleford’s odds remained at +825 for a Belmont Stakes payout of $825 on every $100 bet.

Shackleford, winner of The Preakness, is seen as the horse that can best run in mud.  This is somewhat offset by his poor post position and fears over whether he can run the track’s distance. 

Shackleford had opened at 6/1 odds. 

Master of Hounds is the only horse that has seen his odds drastically slashed while favorite Animal Kingdom has only seen a gradual move towards even odds after opening at 3/1. 
Storms were anticipated in the Belmont Park region by around 4:30 pm to 5 pm ET, just an hour before race time.

- Don Shapiro,

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