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There has always been an element of doubt as whether Horse Racing and indeed, gaming on the whole is fair and all above board. One cannot argue that in the past, there have been numerous reports on bet & match fixing, betting syndicates and unscrupulous online betting companies. In fact, just recently we had the case where Wayne Shaw was forced to leave Sutton United due to ongoing investigations over a pie-eating bet fiasco.

However, in spite of all these negative influences, the gambling industry has been very successful in cleaning up its act and constantly strives to instill confidence in the general public and its customers. It is a fact that gambling, whether it maybe on the high street or online has grown in popularity and in the main has been accepted by the public. The proof of this can been seen from the success of national lottery, bingo and scratch cards to online sports betting, casino and online video slot games.

SportingBet Winner

What is also very beneficial to the cause is when winning punters are publicized, in order to prove to the masses that bookies actually suffer losses, and it is not just a one way street where the punters keep on losing. A perfect example is where a regular customer won more than £450,000 on a 20p horseracing bet at SportingBet.

Apparently, a retired accountant from North London placed a wager for the princely sum of £2 which was made up of seven selections running at Don caster, Newbury and Linfield on Friday 3rd March.

Sportingbet, one of the most well-known and established bookmakers in the United Kingdom and the world, stated the bet had generated a huge payout only after the 5.05 race at Doncaster was completed. It was at this race where the favourite was beaten and Mcvicar had won; and thus making it six winning selections, with Bendomingo being loser at Newbury.

Just for the record his winning bet slip consisted of the following selections, Monfass and Mcvicar both priced at 12/1, Peal Spectre at 10/1, Wishicould at 14/1, Dinsdale at 6/1 and Boater at 15/2. As mentioned earlier, there was one losing selection, Bendomingo at Newbury.

The interesting aspect of this story, apart from the fact that 20p actually generated a £457,067.52 return; is that our guy never even bothered to check all the results and probably would have thrown away the bet slip. However, this was obviously not the case, only because of the fact that a Sportingbet representative called the lucky winner to offer their congratulations on behalf of the company and ask how the winning cash should be presented to him!

Have No Fear

It is cases like this, which really proves how much has changed, and the genuine delight that reputable bookmakers have, when any of their customers win. In addition, it reinforces the fact that horse racing betting and, indeed, all various forms of gambling do generate big payouts for ordinary punters. Well, stay tuned for latest sports news in our daily updated news section.

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