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First of all, it's important to emphasise that investing time is an extremely important aspect of betting on horse racing. After all, this is a very specific type of betting which requires a great deal of knowledge. Randomly betting amounts of money on horse races can therefore only lead to losses instead of profits. It is therefore advisable to invest enough time in researching the possibilities. 

With one of the biggest events in horse racing coming up soon it's important for fans to have access to the best Gold Cup 2021 tips so they can be sure to have the biggest chance possible to get the most out of their bets this year around. 


Although the importance of a jockey in form speaks for itself, the form of the trainer is also important. This involves a number of different aspects. Firstly, it is important that the jockey selects the right races for the horse (and jockey) to compete in. A good trainer will know how to pick the right races for the horse and the jockey to compete in. A good trainer will know how to choose the right races to increase his chances of winning. 

It is also important that a trainer uses the right way to approach horses. A horse that is approached in the wrong way can have negative consequences for the final results that the horse achieves. This is also endorsed in this study. A trainer who has determined good results in the past has thus already shown to have the right training method. This is an important indicator of future results. 

In Great Britain in particular, betting on horse racing is of unprecedented popularity. It is home to the most exciting horse races.  People do this not only online but even make a visit to the track, including the necessary bets, a day out. Less is known about this in the Netherlands, which is actually a shame. Because betting on horses online can be very exciting, especially if you also win. That's why we've got various tips and strategies for you here, along with the necessary useful information. This way you can get to know betting on horse racing in detail. 

Besides the form of the trainer, the jockey is of course also a very important aspect in horse racing. When he is in or out of shape, it can have a big impact on the outcome. This of course also has to do with the training the jockey receives. The more one invests in the jockey's fitness, the higher the result. 

This is also confirmed by various developments that are taking place in the sports world. For example, nowadays there are special chairs that help the development of the jockey. This chair should make stability, posture and movement problems disappear. This mainly concerns the pelvis, the lower back, the neck and the upper part of the back. Through an improved sitting position, this also has positive effects on the results. 

The pole position 

Research shows that the position in the field is important for the final result. In a normal race there are 20 positions. The number 1 position is most often on the inside, while number 20 is most often on the outside. In the Kentucky Derby a study was done based on historical races. They took data from 135 races.

Horse Racing News

2022 Belmont Stakes Morning Odds

We the People was the 2-1 favorite coming into the 2022 Belmont Stakes with the morning odds.  His odds had been pushed to 6-1 by early afternoon.

We the People Payout Odds to Win Belmont Stakes

We the People Payout Odds to Win Belmont Stakes

“The only thing that concerns us is the favorite [We the People] seems to like a wet track an awful lot,” Rich Strike's trainer Eric Reed said. “Our rider said he [Rich Strike] loves the mud. We'll take whatever we get.”

Nest Payout Odds to Win Belmont Stakes

Nest Payout Odds to Win Belmont Stakes

Trainer Todd Pletcher claims that he and the owners always had Nest in mind to run the Belmont Stakes in this year's Triple Crown due to the distance of 1 1/2 miles.  Nest promises a payout of $80 for every $10 bet should she go on to win this weekend's Belmont Stakes.

Mo Donegal Payout Odds to Win Belmont Stakes

Mo Donegal Payout Odds to Win Belmont Stakes

Mo Donegal will pay out $50 for every $20 bet with a Belmont Stakes victory, making him the horse with the second shortest odds after We the People (5-2)

Rich Strike Payout Odds to Win Belmont Stakes

Rich Strike Payout Odds to Win Belmont Stakes

The 2022 Kentucky Derby winner Rich Strike will pay out $70 for every $20 bet with a Belmont Stakes victory.