Can I Bet With NYRA Bets Online From California?

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You can bet with NYRA Bets from California as of 2021.  It is important to understand that licensed U.S. racebooks will require your social security number and submit your tax information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  With this in mind, many California residents have opted to play at online racebooks based outside of the state, which require little in the way of documentation outside of proof of identity, and these sites will NEVER report your winnings.


At BetUS, anyone 18 years old and up can bet online from California.

BetUS offers generous welcome bonuses, including free plays.  If you plan on betting other sports, be sure to take advantage of their other bonus programs (max bonus $2500).

They take bets on dozens of tracks including those in California and some around the world.


2023 Kentucky Derby Odds

Forte    3-1   
Tapit Trice    5-1   
Angel of Empire    8-1   
Derma Sotogake    10-1   
Practical Move    SCRATCHED       
Kingsbarn    12-1   
Two Phil's     12-1   
Mage    15-1   
Verifying     15-1   
Confidence Game    20-1  
Skinner    20-1     
Cyclone Mischief    30-1   
Disarm    30-1   
Hit Show    30-1  
Mandarin Hero    20-1   
Rocket Can    30-1   
Continuar    50-1   
Jace's Road    50-1  
Raise Cain    50-1   
Sun Thunder    50-1  
Reincarnate    50-1   

- Ean Lamb,

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