2009 Belmont Stakes Payout Odds (Updated 1 pm Sat)

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C Costigan
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2009 Belmont Stakes Payouts

These are your latest 2009 Belmont Stakes payout odds just hours before the race is slated to begin. The number in ( ) is the worst payout odds we could find from competing online sportsbooks. 

It should be noted that, while Sportsbook.com still had the best payout odds on favorite Mind That Bird (paying even), his odds were being slashed across the board.  Sportsbook.com previously had him paying $140 for every $100 bet.  Most books now require a $110 and up bet to win $100.  Both favorites - Mine That Bird and Charitable Man - offered the best payout odds at Sportsbook.com. Dunkirk would also pay well there.

If you like Chocolate Candy, it's important to note that SBG Global was paying $400 more per each $100 bet than some of its competitors. Likewise, SBG was paying $100 more for Summer Bird.

Sports Interaction offered some of the best payout odds on the huge favorites, similar to what they were doing with the Kentucky Derby (100/1 odds on Mine That Bird early on in the Derby).  The best payouts on this race would come with a Brave Victory or Luv Gov win.  Both pay $4000 for every $100 bet at SIA.


Brave Victory

+4000 Sports Interaction (+2800)

Charitable Man

+500 Sportsbook.com (+365)

Chocolate Candy

+1000 SBG Global (+600)


+600 Sportsbook.com (+450)

Flying Private

+1700 Sportsbook.com (+1500)

Luv Gov

+4000 Sports Interaction (+2100)

Mine That Bird

Even Sportsbook.com (-111)

Miners Escape

+2500 Sports Interaction (+2200)

Mr Hot Stuff

+2500 Sports Interaction (+2200)

Summer Bird

+1300 SBG Global (+1200)


Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher



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