2009 Belmont Stakes Betting Odds (Comparisons - June 5)

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2009 Belmont Stakes Betting Odds

2009 Belmont Stakes betting odds heading into Friday, June 5, were available at most Gambling911.com sponsor online betting websites.  As always, some had better odds than others.  We always like to draw comparisons since some books might be offering odds that pay out as much as a few thousand dollars less than their competitors.  Let's take a look at where you can find the best Belmont Stakes payout odds for each contender.  The number in ( ) is the worst payout odds we could find.


Brave Victory +2500 Sportsbook.com (+1300)

Charitable Man +320 SBG Global (+250)

Chocolate Candy +1000 Sportsbook.com (+800)

Dunkirk +400 SBG Global (+375)

Flying Private +1500 Sportsbook.com (+1000)

Luv Gov +3000 Sportsbook.com (+1800)

Mine That Bird +150 Sportsbook.com  (-140)

Miners Escape +2500 Sportsbook.com (+1300)

Mr Hot Stuff +2000 Sportsbook.com (+1250)

Summer Bird +1400 Sportsbook.com (+1000)


Currently, Sportsbook.com did have the best numbers on most of the horses with a few good numbers found at SBG Global.  This could change as we get closer to post time.  SBG Global, for example, had some of the best payout odds on the Kentucky Derby at one point leading into that race.  This resulted in record number of signups via the Gambling911.com website as readers shopped for the best value.

And speaking of best value, check out some of these variances. 

Brave Victory would pay out $2500 for every $100 bet at Sportsbook.com whereas, if you were to bet elsewhere, you might receive as little as $1300 for every $100 bet.

So many people will be betting on the big favorite to win the 2009 Belmont Stakes Saturday, Mine That Bird.  Why bet the favorite at -140 odds, when you could get him at +150?  The difference is, you are betting $140 to win $100 versus betting $100 to win $150 at Sportsbook.com.  No brainer there.

Gambling911.com will be monitoring 2009 Belmont Stakes betting odds throughout the next 36 hours.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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