Highest Scoring Quarter Prop Bet Super Bowl 2023 Payout

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Don Shapiro
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Typically the highest scoring quarter in an NFL game is either the 2nd or 4th and this is demonstrated by the odds.  Such is the case with Super Bowl 2023 with the 2nd quarter paying out $18.00 for every $10 bet and the 4th quarter paying out $21 for every $10 bet.


Highest Scoring Quarter

Rot     Highest Scoring Quarter     Moneyline
1036     1st Quarter         +550
1037     2nd Quarter         +180
1038     3rd Quarter         +475
1039     4th Quarter         +210
1040     Tie         +800
Regulation Time Only.
Rot     Team with Highest Scoring Quarter     Moneyline
1041     Chiefs         +120
1042     Eagles         -105
1043     Tie         +500

First and third will always pay the best, but the 4th quarter has yielded the most amount of points in the two most recent Super Bowls. 

The 2021 Super Bowl did have the most points scored in the second quarter.

It's interesting to note that there were no points scored in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl 55.

Super Bowl 56 offered us a rare tie with the 2nd and 3rd quarters each delivering us 13 total points for a payout of $80 on every $10 bet.

Above odds subject to change if not locked in here.

Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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