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These are your hot trending top stories for today July 8, 2024.   Biden Crisis, JD Vance VP Odds, France Elections, Bitcoin Plunge, Copa America, Bovada Down, More...


Gambling Industry

Public Goes Bonkers on Bovada Over Tech Glitch

Bovada, an online gambling platform, experienced a technical issue that prevented users from logging in and placing bets. The issue was reported by several users, expressing frustration and concern over the inconvenience caused. Bovada acknowledged the problem and assured users that they were working to resolve it. The issue was resolved after a few hours, and Bovada apologized for the inconvenience. Some users reported additional issues, such as not receiving deposit bonuses or payments for winning bets, and requested compensation for the inconvenience caused by the technical issue.

Some of the tweets:

"Nah bovada owe us a bonus this ridiculous I tried to place a bet 5 times and it wouldn't go through and the shit cashed."

"i was logged in and went to make a number of bets and the site would not take them. This is always costing me money."

"Any plan to compensate for errored bets? You should have record of attempted bets that were missed because of the error."

"we can’t even make bets on the site! Fix this shit!!!"

Some players reported receiving a bonus for the inconvenience.

"Bovada gave me $100 for them being down we cool again !"

The issue appears to be resolved as of Monday,

Gambling Industry

CFL Tells Canadian Government to 'Butt Out' in Quest to Institute Gambling Ad Ban

Canada's parliament is considering a bill that would limit or potentially ban gambling ads. The commissioner of the Canadian Football League sent a letter to his country's parliament essentially telling it to butt out.

The league sent the following letter to the senate’s standing committee on transport and communications:

Dear Mr. Wilson:

On behalf of the Canadian Football League (CFL), I want to express my gratitude to the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications for its invitation to participate in itsexamination of Bill S-269, the National Framework on Advertising for Sports Betting Act.

Unfortunately, the committee’s hearings coincide with the kickoff of our league’s regular season, which requires me to attend several games across the country to meet with our clubs, their partners, and our fans. It is one of our busiest times of the year, along with Grey Cup, of course. My apologies for not being able to participate in person.

However, given the importance of this issue and our respect for your role, I am sharing this written submission on behalf of the CFL with you. I trust you will find it helpful in your work.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter, your contributions to the legislative process, and your service o Canada.

Yours in Football,

Randy Ambrosie
Canadian Football League



Copa America - Argentina vs. Canada, Uruguay vs. Colombia Betting Previews

Copa America Argentina vs. Canada Prop Bets

Copa America
Argentina vs Canada Tue, Jul 09, 2024 EST
Rot     Correct Score     MoneyLine
1001     Argentina 1-0         +500
1002     Argentina 2-0         +500
1003     Argentina 2-1         +900
1004     Argentina 3-0         +750
1005     Argentina 3-1         +1400
1006     Argentina 3-2         +4000
1007     Argentina 4-0         +1600
1008     Argentina 4-1         +2500
1009     Argentina 4-2         +5000
1010     Argentina 4-3         +20000
1011     Argentina 5-0         +3300
1012     Canada 1-0         +1800
1013     Canada 2-0         +4000
1014     Canada 2-1         +2800
1015     Canada 3-0         +12500
1016     Canada 3-1         +8000
1017     Canada 3-2         +8000
1019     Canada 4-1         +40000
1020     Canada 4-2         +40000
1021     Canada 4-3         +50000
1023     Draw 0-0         +850
1024     Draw 1-1         +850
1025     Draw 2-2         +2800
1026     Draw 3-3         +10000
All wagers have action. Others on Request.
Rot     Half Time ~ Full Time     MoneyLine
1028     Argentina - Argentina         +105
1029     Argentina - Draw         +1800
1030     Argentina - Canada         +5000
1031     Draw - Argentina         +300
1032     Draw - Draw         +550
1033     Draw - Canada         +1800
1034     Canada - Argentina         +2500
1035     Canada - Draw         +2200
1036     Canada - Canada         +1800
Rot     Winning Margin     MoneyLine
1040     Argentina by 1         +250
1041     Argentina by 2         +300
1042     Argentina by 3         +500
1043     Argentina by 4 or more         +700
1044     Canada by 1         +1000
1045     Canada by 2         +3300
1046     Canada by 3         +10000
1047     Canada by 4 or more         +40000
1048     Score Draw         +600
1049     No Goal         +800

Copa America Uruguay vs. Colombia Prop Bets

Rot     Anytime Goalscorer     MoneyLine
1200     Darwin Nunez         +200
1201     Luis Diaz         +250
1202     Jhon Cordoba         +300
1203     Luis Suarez         +300
1204     Miguel Borja         +350
1205     Rafael Santos Borre         +350
1206     Brian Rodriguez         +400
1207     James Rodriguez         +400
1208     Jhon Duran         +400
1209     Luis Sinisterra         +400
1210     Nicolas De la Cruz         +400
1211     Yaser Asprilla         +400
1212     Juan Quintero         +450
1213     Brian Ocampo         +500
1214     Maximiliano Araujo         +500
1215     Agustin Canobbio         +550
1216     Cristian Olivera         +550
1217     Facundo Pellistri         +550
1218     Federico Valverde         +550
1219     Jhon Arias         +550
1220     No Goalscorer         +550

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JD Vance VP Odds Surging


Joe Biden Crisis

Prominent House Dems Want Biden to Exit: Biden Gains in Odds With Move to +350

More than a handful of House Democratic ranking members told House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries in a Sunday call that President Joe Biden needs to step aside from the 2024 campaign, according to sources familiar with the call.

Jeffries held the call to take the temperature of ranking members after Biden’s dismal debate performance last month. The call, held before lawmakers return to Washington this week, was filled with deep concern about potential damage to the Democratic ticket and how it imperils the party’s chances to win back the House majority.

Jeffries did not share with his colleagues where he stands on the question of whether Biden should continue running for reelection, a source who was on the call told CNN.

Current Swing State Odds at BetOnline

Arizona - Republicans -250

Georgia - Republicans -600

Michigan - Republicans -130, Democrats -110

Nevada - Republicans -125

Pennsylvania - Democrats -120

Wisconsin - Republicans -150

France Election Shocker

If you had the far right to win in France this weekend, sorry.

France's snap legislative elections on Sunday showed the leftist New Popular Front leading both Macron's ruling party and the right-wing National Rally but falling short of an absolute majority, according to Ipsos Talan projections. One of the coalition's leaders, Jean-Luc Mélenchon of the far-left France Unbowed party, urged Macron to invite them to form a government, saying the alliance “is ready to govern". Read our liveblog to see how all the day's events unfolded.

Voters delivered a major setback for Marine Le Pen's nationalist, eurosceptic National Rally (RN), which opinion polls had predicted would win the second-round ballot but ended up in the third spot, according to pollsters' projections.


Bitcoin Falls  

Over $170 Billion Wiped Off Cryptocurrencies as Market Tanks on Mt. Gox Bitcoin Payout Fears

Bitcoin’s price fell under $55,000 for the first time since February.  It recovered a bit on Saturday, climbing above the $58,000 mark.

At one point in time, the entire cryptocurrency market shed more than $170 billion in combined market capitalization in the last 24 hours.

On Friday, the trustee for the Mt. Gox bankruptcy estate said it had begun making repayments in bitcoin and bitcoin cash to some of the creditors.

The trustee for the Mt. Gox bankruptcy estate, Nobuaki Kobayashi, says he is still working to ensure repayments “can be made safely and securely,” Kobayashi wrote, urging “eligible rehabilitation creditors to wait for a while.”

Mt. Gox was one the leading crypto exchange, handling over 70% of bitcoin transactions in the early years.  Customers have waited nearly ten years for payments following a 2014 hacking that led the cryptocurrency exchange into bankruptcy.   At one point it handled nearly 70% of all bitcoin transactions.

News of the repayments added selling pressure on bitcoin and the broader crypto market after Mt. Gox announced last month.


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