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These are your hot trending top stories for today July 10, 2024.   Trump Odds, Biden Crisis, Marco Rubio Trump VP Favorite, ZenSports Tennessee Fine, DraftKings NJ Fine



Trump Hits Shortest Odds for Presidency Yet

Donald Trump hit his shortest odds yet for the presidency today, moving to -200 from -185, as the Democrats remain in disarray regarding their candidate.

Given the polling trends and the signals from our hypothetical matchups, it is hard to see Trump going any bigger than -200 against either Biden or Harris.

The Republican VP is also expected to be named before Monday. Here, Doug Burgum resumes his position as the favorite at +150.


TRUMP -200 (FROM -185)

BIDEN +325 (FROM +275)

HARRIS +650 (FROM +750)

OBAMA +2500

NEWSOM +3000




BIDEN -285


OBAMA +2000

NEWSOM +2000




BURGUM +150 (FROM +225)

VANCE +300 (FROM +250)

RUBIO +350 (FROM +225)

CARSON +1000

SCOTT +1400


Trump VP

12th Amendment Likely Will Keep Trump From Picking Marco Rubio as His VP

BetOnline may have Florida Senator Marco Rubio now favored as Donald Trump's running mate but gamblers betting heavy on Rubio may not be aware of the 12th Amendment.

The 12th Amendment prohibits the President and his or her selected VP from being nominated from the same state. Trump and Rubio both currently reside in the state of Florida.  The state has 30 electors based on it being the 3rd most populous state.  Forget about that Joe Biden debate debacle. 

There's a somewhat easy fix to this.  Dick Cheney obtained a new residency in 2020 as both he and the then-GOP candidate George W. Bush resided in Texas when he was selected as VP on the Republican ticket.  That's easier said than done for Rubio as he currently serves as Florida's Senator.  Trump has made Mar-a-Lago his home and we can't see him budging to appease a Rubio VP pick.

Laurence Tribe, professor emeritus of constitutional law at Harvard University, told ABC News that in "concrete terms" this means that "none of Florida's 30 electoral votes may be cast this December for both Trump and Rubio unless Rubio or Trump 'ceases to be an inhabitant' of Florida before Dec. 17, 2024," which is when the electoral college votes.

Rubio could, in theory, find residency elsewhere and still serve as Florida's Senator.

"Article I, Section 3 merely requires that a senator 'when elected' be 'an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen,' and Rubio was indeed an inhabitant of Florida when elected to his current term, his third, in November 2022," Tribe said.

More likely, with the Electoral College not meeting until Dec. 17, if Trump wins the Nov. 5 election, his running mate could make the switch afterward because he would be leaving his congressional office anyway.

“If I were advising Rubio, I would tell him not to change his residency until after the election,” said Bob Jarvis, a constitutional law professor at Nova Southeastern University.

The 12th Amendment was added to the Constitution in 1804 to modify the Electoral College process.

Gambling Industry

Betway Plans to Exit U.S. Market Entirely

An internal review led to determination betting company does not 'see a long-term path to profitability' for Betway sportsbook in the U.S.

“As a global business, we constantly evaluate the optimal use of our resources across all markets in which we operate,” Super Group CEO Neal Menashe said in a statement. “We have recently concluded an extensive review of our U.S. operations and, at present, we do not see a long-term path to profitability for the sportsbook product.”

The company lost $21.7 million and revenue dropped 13% year-over-year during the month of May.

Trump VP Odds

Marco Rubio Now Favored to Be Trump Vice President at BetOnline

Marco Rubio (+225) is now the favorite to be Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential Nominee at BetOnline.  The payout is a cool $225 for every $100 bet.

Rubio appeared at a rally for Trump Monday night in Florida where the former president teased the idea of that state's senator becoming his running mate. 

At another point in his speech, Trump asked the Florida Republican senator whether he’d support his proposal to remove taxes from tips before teasing the senator with, “you may or not be there to vote for it — but you’ll be involved.”

The two had a "vicious" campaign in 2016 where Trump regularly referred to the Florida Senator as "Little Marco" while Rubio implied that Trump's small hand size was an indication of other parts of his anatomy being small.


Summer Olympics

USA Overlooked By Bettors in Basketball

USA may be the odds on favorite to win the Men's Olympic Basketball Tournament in Paris but they are not the public favorite, at least not among the sharps.  That honor goes to Serbia at 10/1 odds and Canada at 8/1 odds, according to our friends at BetOnline.  


Rays Wander Franco Charged With Sexual Abuse of Minor

Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Wander Franco has been formally charged with sexual abuse and sexual exploitation against a minor in the Dominican Republic.

The Puerto Plata District Office Prosecutor Kelmin Duncan and the spokesperson for the Attorney General's Office Nairobi Viloria confirmed to ESPN's Juan Recio they presented the formal accusation against Franco on Tuesday following a one year investigation.

A complaint was filed against him claiming he had sexual relations with a 14-year-old girl.

Franco was initially accused by Dominican prosecutors of commercial sexual exploitation and money laundering on Jan. 3; the mother of the girl, who was 14 when the alleged relationship began in December 2022, faced the same charge.

ESPN obtained a nearly 600-page document presented to the judge at a hearing in January.

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players' Association have recently extended Franco's administrative leave through July 14.

MLB launched a separate investigation into Franco that is not expected to be completed until after his criminal case is resolved.

Speculation is that Franco's MLB career in the U.S. is almost certainly over.  He has played with the Rays organization since 2017.   

Franco was ranked as one of the top international prospects in the 2017 international class

In 2018, at 17 years old, Franco was named the 2018 Appalachian League Player of the Year after hitting .374/.445/.636 with 11 home runs and 57 runs batted in (RBIs) over 245 plate appearances for the Princeton Rays.

Franco was batting at .281 last season and hit 17 home runs to go along with 58 RBIs.


Biden Crisis

Cook Report Moves Three More States Towards Trump

Former President Trump now has an edge over President Biden Arizona, Georgia and Nevada, per new ratings from the nonpartisan Cook Political Report with Amy Walter.

Arizona, Georgia and Nevada were all moved from Toss Up to Lean Republican by the Cook Political Report.

BetOnline, we would note, has had these three states Republican favored even prior to the much talked about Biden debate debacle and prominent political analyzer Nate Silver declaring the current president "doomed"

More concerning, Democrats are losing ground in three other states.

Cook announced it will move Minnesota, New Hampshire and Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District from “Likely Democratic” to “Lean Democratic.”

So far, seven House Democrats have publicly called on Biden to end his campaign.  Polling has been limited but the oddsmakers at BetOnline have moved Biden's odds in the right direction, from a low of +700 to +275.

BetOnline notes that VP Kamala Harris is the real loser in recent days.  Her odds got as low as -400 days after the debate.  She's now at +750.

Rep. Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey became the latest Democrat to call on Biden to drop out of the race late Tuesday.

“I know that President Biden and his team have been true public servants and have put the country and the best interests of democracy first and foremost in their considerations," Sherrill said. "And because I know President Biden cares deeply about the future of our country, I am asking that he declare that he won’t run for reelection and will help lead us through a process toward a new nominee.”

Gambling Industry

DraftKings to Pay $100K Fine for Inaccurately Reporting Betting Activity

DraftKings has agreed to pay a $100,000 fine after New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement discovered the company had inaccurately reported betting activity between December 2023 and March 2024.

The company overstated the amount of money wagered on multi-tiered bets, known as parlays, and understated other types of wagers.  The transgressions occurred from December 2023 through March of this year.

Regulators were forced to post corrected financial data for several months — something the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcment has not had to do in 13 years.

A letter sent to DraftKings on June 17 from Interim Director of the Division of Gaming Enforcement Mary Jo Flaherty admonished the company about making errors that distort truthful reporting to regulators after the agency discovered a series of inaccurate reports across several states.

“These types of gross errors and failures cannot be tolerated in the New Jersey Gaming regulatory system,” Flaherty wrote in June. “They evidenced weaknesses in DraftKings’ business abilities and casino experience and unacceptable conduct in dealing with regulations and requisite reporting and financial systems.”



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