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Watching a live game show of the NFL (National Football League) may be at the comfort of your home or cheering with the wild crowd in the bleachers, there is no doubt that the fun and excitement are overwhelming. But if it's combined with betting on which team will win and think of the prize pool, that's another story. 


Betting in the NFL has been a tradition ever since with every football fan and every American citizen. From the traditional betting on different bookmakers, off-track betting sites, and now with a little upgrade through technology and online betting, nothing has changed. Betting in the NFL is still as exciting as it is, and what's even surprising is the rise of the numbers of interested first-time bettors.  


But the question is, how can you score a win in betting in the NFL? Is there a secret formula on how these big winners cash in that prize? Let's go into details and know more about how you can win through the advice of these experts. 

Winning And Betting In NFL 

Unfortunately, there is no secret formula in winning a bet in the NFL. A bettor should always remember that winning and losing in betting in the NFL is perfectly normal. This is an essential factor, especially for first-time bettors who easily get discouraged with a loss and do not play for more. 


No expert bettors instantly enjoy their win streak or bag a massive amount in the prize pool. However, there is substantial proof that there is a key factor in winning a bet in the NFL. And this is what we know straight from the experts. 

What Experts About To Say 

No expert bettors place their bet with a huge amount of trust in pure luck, nothing like that exists. These experts spend their time studying the game, the players, statistics, and everything needed for them to make a smart decision. 


First things first, a piece of popular advice you can hear every expert bettor will say, familiarize the football bets. 

Know All Type Of Bets

Every single expert bettor will advise you to do this first and foremost. If you do understand and learn all the different types of football bets available, you have all the options where to place your bet. There are many types of football bets, the most popular the point spread, the moneyline bet, the prop bet, totals or commonly called as over or under bet, and parlays. 


If you get to familiarize the nature of each type of bet, you can quickly determine what type of bet you are comfortable playing with or, better yet, know the ropes to cash in a bigger prize every week. 


Let's go with the top and legendary handicapper, Danny Sheridan. 

Always Consider The Underdog 

Everybody wants a superior team to win, and most probably high-profile teams dominate the field. However, as per Sheridan, one should consider an underdog, and bookmakers know this. Out of the ten bettors in a week, 8 of them will highly bet on a favorite while two are for the underdog. 


Yet, the two bettors who wager on the underdog most probably earned a more significant amount than the eight who bet on the favorites. It's best to understand that the betting line on favorites is inflated, and bookmakers have taken everything into account, that's why they adjust the lines, and that's where you can find great value. 


Next is from the Las Vegas-based professional sports gambler, James Holzhauer. 

For Holzhauer, make no mistake in doing an in-game bet. Football halftimes are big, and a lot of bettors and sportsbooks make mistakes when football hits halftime. It's best to look closely into the game status and the players as sometimes a leading team gets underestimated by different sportsbooks, as they estimate that their chances of winning by 10 are very slim. Sometimes they overcompensate, so be thorough before making any decisions. 


From Pinnacle Sports, they highlighted the importance of understanding the value of information. 

Professional bettors get better on their game because they have the skills to predict who's going to win and highly valuable information. They have access to it, and they can use it as leverage in making a wise betting decision. 


For the first time bettors, one should give importance to listening, watching, and getting updated by sports news. The factor of knowing about something before anyone else and acting on it will affect how profitable a bet can be.



Betting and winning in the NFL has no secret formula, no shortcut, and doesn't happen in a snap. You don't casually cash in a huge amount of prizes every time you place a bet. It takes time, skills, and patience to do so. However, there are already professionals that have gone a long way ahead, and they are smart enough to provide tips and winning strategies that can be a baseline for your success as well. If you want to make a profit out of betting or just for recreation, it helps that you refer to the experts to enjoy betting even more. 


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