Where Can I Bet Sports From My Mobile Phone in Philadelphia?

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You are able to bet sports from your mobile phone in and around the Philadelphia area by accessing several dozen internationally-licensed online gambling websites, many of which have been around for nearly 20 years now.

Is it Legal?

The US Supreme Court ruled to abolish sports betting prohibition in May 2018, thus paving the way for states to enact their own laws allowing the activity, mainly through amendments.

Has My State Done So?

The state of Pennsylvania was among the first to amend its current laws and will be one of the few to offer sports betting at designated casinos throughout the state.

Any Disadvantages I Should Know About?

Current provisions call for extreme taxation and a $10 million licensing fee for any casino looking to offer a sports book.  Many properties have resisted.  Those that haven't will surely pass this cost onto players.  Even if the state should somehow slash these numbers, one can anticipate a significant cost regardless.

Casinos are required to report all player winnings to the IRS.  While gamblers are encouraged to report their taxes, some find the reporting and documentation process intrusive and prefer to keep this information between themselves and their accountants. 

Unfavorable odds for local teams will likely become an issue.

Will I be Able to Place Bets Online With These Casinos?

Access for the time being will only be available via international websites that accepte PA residents. The state is expected to permit mobile wagering through the use of location verified via IP address and/or mobile geolocation to ensure bets are being place within the state’s borders.  This could occur prior to the start of the 2018 NFL season.

Parx Casino has inked a deal with GAN to offer online sports betting, however, those interested must provide their social security number, something many gamblers are unwilling to do for security reasons.  In the past, legal horse racing sites have had their databases containing social security numbers hacked.  We have also witnessed major retail chains experiencing the same problem with stored credit card information.

It was not immediately clear if Parx and other casinos will require players to sign up for a wagering account in person or via online.

Philadelphia residents will also have the unique option of crossing the PA/NJ border to place bets from online sports books based out of New Jersey.  As with Pennsylvania, these sites can only be accessed within that state's borders.  You do not have to be a New Jersey resident to join.

What Are My Options for Placing Bets at a Local Sports Book?

Congrats Philadelphia!  Your Eagles just won the Super Bowl and your reward, it seems, is being able to place bets on them to repeat at a handful of nearby casinos.

These casinos include the aforementioned Parx, just 25 minutes outside of Philly.

Delaware Park in Delaware is a little more than 35 minutes away from Philadelphia.  Delaware was the first state to open sports books immediately after the Supreme Court ruling in May. 

Then there is Atlantic City.  By the time Football rolls around, each of the casinos should have a sports book.  These will likely be among the nicest in the region with the competition fierce. 

Understand Line Shopping

It goes without saying that websites based outside of Pennsylvania will offer the better lines on local teams such as the Eagles and Villanova Wildcats.  Philadelphia residents and visitors will have a wide variety of websites and local physical sports books from which to choose from.  Never settle for just one!

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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