What Are the eSports Betting Markets?

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Because we are talking about betting, then it’s highly important to know what options are offered on specialized betting sites. eSports may not yet offer exactly what traditional sports offer in terms of betting variety but with every year, there are more and more things to choose from.

Give our article a read in order to get properly informed about what you may find on sporting sites. You will also discover the esport betting markets typically used by gamblers.

  1. Outright Betting

We should start with this one, as it is the easiest option to understand. When we talk about eSports, outright betting means choosing who you think would win the overall outcome of a match or of a tournament.

For example, you would have to choose who you think would win the next edition of The International, the biggest DotA2 tournament. And remember, we are talking about the overall winner.

Many experts state that this type of betting would be worth more because your chosen team would have to win multiple battles in order to win the whole thing. Also, you would have more room for error by using this.

Why is that? Well, since we are talking about choosing a team to win a tournament, that means the team could lose a match or two and still be winning the whole thing in the end.

  1. Money Line

This one might not be news for the accustomed gamblers out there. As it’s the case with traditional betting, money line lets you choose who you think will win the match. For eSports betting, the process is basically the same as in traditional sports betting.

You would just have to do your homework and study the opponents, or you could just test your luck. In the end, there’s no room for mistakes as you can either lose or win a money line bet. Simple as that.

  1. Handicap

Again, we are talking about a type of market that is used in the traditional betting system as well. Handicap betting in eSports means that the bookie would have to adjust the balance in a disproportionate situation.

That translates into balancing the odds by either giving the underdog a better chance (which is a positive handicap) or by disadvantaging the higher ranked team (you guessed it, a negative handicap).

For you to win a positive handicap bet, your chosen team would have to win, draw or lose the match by less than what the handicap figure is. The other scenario that implies you winning a negative handicap bet would have your team winning by more than the handicap figure.

  1. Totals

Here, the bookmaker would set a figure, and depending on that figure, you can choose to place a bet on a certain number of events in a game. These events have to happen below or over that set figure. In CSGO, it’s about rounds, while in LoL, it’s about kills.


Deciding to place a bet should happen only after you know what kind of bet you should be placing. Totals, money line, handicap or outright betting may just tip the scales in your favor, provided that you are lucky enough.


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