Wayne Root to Present US President Trump With Sports Betting Op-Ed

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The time to legalize sports betting, both land-based and online, is now, insists the 2008 Liberatarian Vice Presidential running mate turned conservative radio host, Wayne Allyn Root.

Root, a respected surgate of newly elected US President Donald Trump, says he intends to present his own opt-ed on the subject to the Commander-in-Chief and does believe there is a chance Trump might sign an executive order legalizing sports wagering in the United States.

During a Monday afternoon radio program featuring Gambling911.com's own intrepid reporter Tom Somach, Root chimed in to acknowledge he still bets sports every single day and mostly wins.  He also noted that the lucrative sports betting sector has been hurting since a clamp down on sports wagering in recent years.

"There is an opening for sports gambling to be either legalized nationwide or certainly for Donald Trump to rule in favor of state's rights and allow each state to make a decision on whether sports gambling is legal in their state and so there is a real opportunity to have an expansion of sports gambling," Root suggested.

Root intends to draft an op-ed that will appear first on the Gambling911.com website, then Fed Ex it to President Trump (who, we learned during the campaign cycle, does not use email).

Somach will appear on the Wayne Allyn Root radio show from time to time.  LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE

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- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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