Senate Votes to Restore Net Neutrality: Big Win for Gamers, Sports Bettors, Poker Players

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The Senate voted in favor of restoring Net Neutrality Wednesday afternoon. now accepting many forms of cryptocurrencies

As one person wrote on Twitter:

Today’s vote on #NetNeutrality is one of the most impactful votes the U.S. Senate has ever taken on the future of the internet. If it fails, big cable companies will soon have the power to distort how the internet works.

Sites like enjoy a large readership base in regions that will likely be most impacted by a failure to pass Net Neutrality provisions as cable and Internet providers anticipated price increases may be out of reach for the average household, resulting in slower Internet speeds.

Likewise, online gamblers and poker players may have been more exposed to Internet blackouts during critical peak wagering times and while participating in tournaments.  Lagging Internet speeds would have resulted in many players handicapped versus those with higher speeds.

- Aaron Goldstein,


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