Virtual Reality Online Poker The New ‘It’ Thing in 2017?

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The future is here and it is in the form of virtual reality gaming, including casinos and poker.  Virtual reality online poker is beginning to make inroads with the technology expected to gain broader appeal in 2017. Scroll down to read more

Bolt Casino recently displayed his virtual online poker prowess via (see video below). He is teaming up with development firm LuckyVR to bring a fresh take on VR streaming by playing some heads-up poker matches with friends.

This game runs on PC for the time being along with the Oculus Rift new touch controllers.

“It’s actually a super cool concept,” notes Senior Editor Payton O’Brien, who has been fielding inquiries of late regarding the future of virtual reality and online gambling.  Already, the likes of BetPhoenix and others have focused heavily on their live interactive real dealer online casinos.  Virtual reality takes this concept to the next level…twofold is certainly one of the leaders in the as-of-yet uncompetitive realm of VR gaming.

In an online poll conducted at, nearly three quarters of those responding said they would play in a virtual reality online poker room with around 45 percent of respondents saying they would even be attracted to a free version of the platform.

Respondents offered varying opinions of the LuckyVR product:

Pretty cool stuff, some bugs but it is just in Alpha so its ok

If you could play VR poker and see faces and stuff that'd be absolutely ****ing amazing. Very cool video!

I hope, one day, this is what online poker is. I was perma grinning while watching this, all the possibilities!

One member offered a more expansive view:

I was fortunate enough to watch this live (it was a pure coincidence I just clicked on someone at random in the list, I don't even watch twitch regularly - and got hooked and laughed my ass off).

Gotta say this was a B-I-G thing to watch. No wonder the chat occasionally went totally crazy.

Although I don't think this will "overtake" high stakes online or live for many years (if ever), the possibilities and opportunities this technology will open up during the next 2-6 years are just staggering. Just think of how this will enhance the playing experience for recs, home games, or even as a substitute for live poker for many people.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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