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Online gambling is one of the most enjoyed entertainment options preferred by millions of Internet users. While many won't even think of new ways to increase excitement in such an industry leading entertainer’s section, several top developers are working constantly on adding the magical touch of virtual reality into the now potently successful mix. How much more could the thrill of gambling be enhanced, as with virtual reality both online and land-based casino visitors will be affected?

Are NetEnt & Microgaming Aboard With VR Yet?

At the recent ICE International Gaming Awards, Microgaming walked away with the "Innovator of the Year" Award for the 9th year, after the developer has been awarded in many other categories since it started up 20 years ago. Now, the giant developer is hard at work on augmented and VR apps, the developer, is renowned for creating games that are 100% fair and RNG.  After accepting their award, the creator revealed the new roulette game designed with special technology and apps enabling players to enjoy prototype betting in Google Glass. 

To fully enjoy the new virtual real Roulette developed by Microgaming, players require the Oculus Rift headset. From the moment the headset is used, the player finds himself within the virtual walls for the casino and can visit the bar, walk through the gaming machines or just pass other players. This is sure to be appealing for many, but specifically the younger generation as this type of technology is far more commonplace for them, yet those from other generations will find it to be a new and exciting way to experience all that online casinos can provide. 

With 20 years of experience in the online gambling world and even more years of being passionate about gambling, NetEnt had some exceptional surprises of their own to reveal at the 2016 ICE International Gaming Show. With celebrating their two decades of success, the company unveiled its virtual reality products and players/visitors could enjoy a first-hand gaming experience with 3D video slot Jack and the Beanstalk. This proofed that NetEnt too was in the demoing stage for some time and fans can finally start looking forward to virtual reality masterpieces in online gambling.

It won’t happen overnight, and all casinos will not transform into virtual reality destinations, yet the possibility is very real that more and more will take that route, depending on the licensing authorities that now deals with a brand new way of gambling. Virtual reality will also tempt punter generally visiting land-based casinos to join global players and with endless casino visits across the world, join the crowd and play in style.


First VR Casino SlotsMillion  


About seven months before the Oculus Rift headset was planned to be commercially launched, SlotsMillion Casino were already hard at work to get ready to claim their fame in being the very first ever online casino to offer virtual reality. While the casino's creative team worked day and night in perfecting the virtual aspects, the casino gaming designers also work in close collaboration with the developers of the Oculus Rift, plus management kept in contact with the Malta Gaming Authority. One site that published an article about the possibilities with virtual casinos, Casinos.co was quoted as stating that software developer Microgaming has been engaged in developing virtual reality based games and those such as SlotsMillion are only poised to see this segment increase over the next few years.


The licensing jurisdiction had to work on new legislation covering this brand new gambling field and currently won't allow tournaments in virtual reality casinos and all walls need to display clocks. The clocks are to remind players of the time to allow them to keep to their schedules and also are meant as a reality check. Tournaments are not currently allowed due to the privacy rules restricting one player from knowing the amount won or lost by any other player.  

Do You Understand The Concept Of Virtual Reality?

As with all explanations, there is one that is shorter for everyone to understand than the complicated long technical version. The shorter version we feel explain it correctly. The word "virtual" means real, and in real reality or virtual reality, everything will be so much nearer/closer to the reality that it would indeed give players the same feel as really being in the casino. The aim is to use computers to engage all our senses, then to present them with a virtual environment created via computers, allowing all people to explore any destination in a three-dimensional environment from home.

PC game players have enjoyed first person shooter games for many years and were probably some of the first in which developers started experiencing with virtual reality. As technology developed so did, the games and the Oculus Rift creators learned all they possibly could, explored some more and finally discovered advice that can allow your mind to explore endlessly. To enjoy a complete online virtual reality experience, players would need to purchase an Oculus Rift Headset, currently priced as $350, which provides a fully immersive feel. For mobile users the near reality feel unlocks even more with natural hand tracking, smooth voice demands, leap motions and meeting up with other players from around the globe.


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