Vegas Dealer Continued to Deal While Gambler was Slumped Over Table

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Nagesh Rath
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The family of a man who went into cardiac arrest while playing blackjack at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas has now filed a wrongful death suit against that property. 


David Jagolinzer died months later.

Jagonlizer’s hand convulsed and he fell onto the blackjack table with his head down, the lawsuit said.

What allegedly happened next was shocking.

While Jagonlizer lay slumped across the table, the blackjack dealer “continued to deal cards to another player at the table and continued to play blackjack,” the lawsuit claims.

There apparently were no efforts to revive Jagolinzer.

The suit filed last week in District Court also alleges that Wynn employees didn’t immediately check on Jagolinzer and they started counting his gaming chips instead.  Christian Morris is the attorney who filed the action.

Jagolinzer (pictured below) died on Oct. 18 at age 48 from anoxic encephalopathy allegedly related to the April cardiac arrest that could have been avoided had he “obtained timely emergency medical treatment,” according to the lawsuit.

The suit alleges the first Wynn employee to check on Jagolinzer’s condition didn't do so until around 16 minutes after he initially slumped over the table.

Employees then tried to use a defibrillator four minutes later but were not trained on how to do so properly.

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Jagolinzer was an American litigation attorney best known for multi-million mass tort mesothelioma cases against major companies such as Honeywell International and Union Carbide.  He was based out of Miami.

In an odd twist, the esteemed lawyer also specialized in catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death.

“David dedicated his life to helping those in need and always fighting for justice. There are no words to describe the trauma we endured as a family this last year losing him,” his family said in a statement. “His death was a devastating tragedy that could have been prevented.”

Morris says Jagolinzer had been attending a legal conference while in Vegas.

- Nagesh Rath,

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