A Useful Guide To Football Betting In The UK

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If your favourite team is playing soon, then there are many ways that you can bet on them to win.

Whether you are betting on the Premier League or the FA Cup, you can place bets on a variety of factors throughout the game. You can bet on which team you want to win, what the final score is, and even which player will score first. With so many rules and ways to place a bet, this guide will help you to learn the basics of football betting in the United Kingdom. 


Top 3 Football Betting Tips

  1. Always do your research first

One of the first things you need to consider when placing a bet on a football match is what bet you’re going to place. If you are unsure about your budget and betting odds then never rush into placing the bet. Make sure that you do some thorough research beforehand to read up on the types of bets you can make and which bet would be best for you. 


  1. Take your time

Whether this is your first ever bet or your tenth, take your time to consider whether you are placing the right bet that suits you. Do you have good odds? Are the stakes too high? Take your time to choose your bets wisely and pick out one that is right for you. 


  1. Know when you have reached your limit

When gambling online, it is always important to be aware of when you have reached your limit. If you cannot afford to place the bet you want, then don’t place the bet. If you have also been gambling online for too long, then it’s also wise to take a break from it. One important tip that you should always remember is to never place a bet that you can’t afford to lose. 


As online iGaming and sports betting is becoming more popular than ever, it’s important to always gamble safe online with your money. Earlier this year, the Gambling Commission even introduced new rules to codes of practice and licence conditions to help make gambling safer and fairer in the UK. 


What can you place a bet on?

After you have done some research into football betting, you will soon discover that there are many different factors that you can bet on in a game. Whether you are betting on which team to win or what the exact final score will be, how simple or how complicated your bet is is entirely up to you. Here are just a few factors that you can place a bet on at www.21.co.uk:


  • Winner at full time 

  • Total team goals

  • Which player scores a goal

  • Which team scores first


Do you know your betting terms?

Doing some research into popular football betting terms will help you understand more about what bets you can place on a game. Before you rush to place a bet on your favourite team to win, here are some useful betting terms that you need to know:


Double Chance

One popular form of betting that you can use in football is double chance. Double chance helps you to back more outcomes therefore it increases your chances of winning. With this type of bet you can win your bet by either your team winning or drawing.  


Draw No Bet

If you are looking for a safe bet to place, then a draw no bet can be a good option for you to choose. Draw no bet is a safe bet as you can still get your money back if the game ends in a draw if your chosen team doesn’t beat the other team. 



In football betting, odds are simply how likely something is to happen during the game. One common form of odds are fractional odds, such as 17/1 or 21/2. For odds of 8/1, for every £1 you bet you could win £8 if the bet wins. 



In any type of sports betting, the stakes are simply how much money you are placing on your bet. It’s important to remember that whatever stake you make - this is the amount of money you risk losing if your bet loses. 


Outright betting

Instead of placing a bet on the outcome of a single football match, outright betting is where you place a bet on the outcome of a whole football tournament. This type of bet is commonly used in big football tournaments like the World Cup. 


Handicap Bets

Handicaps are usually applied to one team to help even out the playing field. They become a popular choice to use when popular teams are playing to help give the opposing team a head start. 



An accumulator, or combination betting, is a collection of bets that are grouped together. As each bet needs to win for a payout, this bet can be risky to make as it gives you a reduced chance of winning. However, if you do happen to win, the payout could be as big as all of the odds are accumulated together. 


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