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More people in the United States of America are now able to bet on their favorite sports and play casino games online. The market is growing fast due to both the power of technology and the need for people to access more things at home. Yet while convenience is a big factor, online gambling also proves itself to be great for newcomers as it offers tempting welcome bonuses and lower buy-ins. With more people playing, more money is going through the system. And that means more profit for both the casinos and the states that allow them to do business. Due to that, we’re seeing more states pass gambling legislation. 


Arizona Makes A Splash With Online Sports Betting For NFL 2021

Arizona passed legislation to allow online gambling earlier this year, with online casinos already putting up some impressive numbers. The money will come in even faster now as the 2021 NFL football season is underway. Those who play in Arizona already have the convenience of apps and online sportsbooks to meet their gambling needs. These allow one to play fantasy football, bet on certain point spreads and outcomes, and even bet on in-progress games. Eventually, sports betting stations will also be added to big stadiums in Arizona. 


North Carolina Wants To Legalize Online Gambling, But It’s Taking A While

North Carolina looks to be the next state to follow Arizona’s lead, but there’s a road block stopping proceedings. An action to legalize sports betting in NC recently got state Senate approval. North Carolina does not have large casinos like some other states, making it prime for online operations and sportsbook apps. Big names like DraftKings and FanDuel are already working on creating operations for NC, reports say.

The Spectrum Center, Bank of America Stadium, PNC Arena, and the golf courses in Charlotte and Greensboro that host PGA Tour events are being considered as potential venues for in-person sportsbooks and kiosk stations.

Unfortunately, the measure has yet to get total approval and might not before 2022. The North Carolina Senate has already passed the action, but the House committee is putting it off. Their current priorities are a new state budget and redistricting plan. The House probably won’t even take a look at the sports betting measure until those high-priority decisions are made. The lawmakers are already on special sessions, with plans to adjourn before they even get to look at the sports betting proposal. 


Convenience And Safety 

Why is online gambling and sports betting such a hot topic with US legislators these days? As the world moves to more online business, there is a lot of money to be made in going full tech. There’s also a lot to be lost by not offering a person-free solution. Online gambling and betting done through legal channels takes away the risk of physical contact and allows for secure handling of money. It proves to be a convenient and safe way to gamble that eases the minds of those worried about going to a casino or stadium. 

Playing from an online casino is the safest way to play. You never need to wait for an open machine or table and don’t have to worry about other people and the germs they might carry. Also, you can often find different types of slots and card games that your local casino might not have. There are also lower buy-ins so that you can better choose what risk works for you.

Using an online site or app also gives you more options for sports betting. You can choose more specific or general types of bets and join larger fantasy leagues with all kinds of different people. And with so many playing, the jackpot might be bigger than any you’ve seen before.

Online betting completely changes the game and helps to bring in new players with the promise of safe play on their time. States that use it have seen success even during hard financial times, and sports fans are happy to have news ways to engage with their sport. With so many benefits, we should be seeing a lot more US states produce gambling legislation in the next year.


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