Trump’s Crumbling Odds

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I don’t know about you but I still cringe when I watch the promotional video of the Democrats who show children watching Trump’s antics on the television as he makes his highly impassioned, uninformed campaign speeches to a braying crowd, so it really comes as no great surprise that the bookies have now lengthened his odds of winning this November’s presidential election once again

Trumps campaign has spiralled downwards ever since his intelligent, thoughtful, wonderfully scripted insinuation the Ghazala Khan who is the mother of an American Muslim soldier killed on duty was forced to be quiet whilst her husband spoke at the Democratic National Convention.  This led to some high-profile Republicans standing up and criticising Trump which had a direct effect on his odds with Trump’s now averaging around 5/2 to beat Hilary Clinton.

Consequently there has been some speculation that the GOP will attempt to force Trump out of the presidential race altogether, replacing him with another candidate, and former CIA agent Evan McMulin is so fed up with the way Trump is conducting both himself and the Republican campaign that he has put himself forward as an alternative independent candidate for disillusioned conservatives.  Evan reportedly said ‘it’s never too late to do the right thing, and America deserves much better than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can offer us.’

You can follow all the action at most of the high quality online casino sites available today and for your interest below are some of the very latest odds offered.  You never know you might find yourself placing a bet on one or the other, but please, watch that video again……!

  • Sky Bet: Clinton 2/7 - Trump 5/2

  • Betfair: Clinton 3/10 – Trump 5/2

  • Paddy Power: Clinton1/4 – Trump 11/4

  • William Hill: Clinton 3/10 – Trump 5/2

  • Ladbrokes: Clinton 3/10 – Trump 5/2


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