Topbet Comments on Payout Complaints

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Topbet Sportsbook says it is investigating a payout complaint submitted to the website

It has been confirmed that the player is owed a $25,000 balance and has been attempting to withdraw partial payments since early November.

Topbet had suggested previously that players that are not content to wait for extended processing times through other options should make the transition and use bitcoin for their pending withdrawals, according to SBR. In most cases, bitcoin payments can be made in a matter of hours.

He was willing to take other methods to receive his funds, but alleges he was told no other option would be possible.

The Topbet Player told SBR: "My balance is $25,000. I want to receive it in bitcoin or bank wires. I don't want to deal with cheques. Please contact them and see what they can do. I've been trying for weeks and can't make any progress." continues to monitor this situation.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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