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Being a sports bettor from the United States can sometimes be a sad experience. Due to over reaching regulations from Uncle Sam, many gambling sites don’t want to touch Americans at all.

However, while it may take a bit of work to find USA friendly sports betting sites, they are out there! In this article, we’ll be covering the top USA sportsbook apps that you can use to start betting on your favorite sports right now from any iPhone or Android device!


Bovada Mobile

If you’re looking for a quality online sports betting experience, then Bovada is an excellent choice. They have a phenomenal sports betting application that is easy to use, responsive, fast loading and offers great options for placing your bets on the go.

They also have awesome live betting options available, and their mobile app will allow you to see how the game plays out in real-time, thanks to their interactive features. It makes sports betting a little more like being there, and it’s a great feature.

Bovada offers tons of great sports options too, and no matter what you’re into, you’re likely to find it here. This includes the biggest sports, of course, like basketball, football and baseball, but also other more niche activities as well!

You’ll be able to place bets on golf, MMA, and even the outcomes of political events here! Plus, Bovada is one of the handful of sports betting sites which allows you to bet on horse racing, a definite plus for racing fans.

In short, if you want to gamble in the United States on an iPhone or Android compatible app that has a stellar reputation, great interface and an awesome selection of sports, then Bovada is the way to go.


BetOnline Mobile

BetOnline might not look as fancy as some of its counterparts, but it does have some great sports betting options available for United States based punters. This is particularly true if you’re interested in doing some more advanced betting, simply due to the sheer number of options available.

Rather than be content with your standard “who won” type of bets, you can actually bet on specific actions as they take place in the game. If you know your sport well, this could end up being pretty profitable. Though if you’re not an expert the standard betting options work fine as well.

BetOnline also offers a ton of “alternative” betting options that you just won’t find at many other U.S. online sports bookers. This includes the ability to bet on a huge amount of props and futures!

This offers you the ability to do things like bet on a specific player which you think is performing well or allows you to put money down on championships, cups or tournaments like the Kentucky Derby, the PGA championship or NFL draft picks.

If you’re sick of the vanilla gambling experience on other sites, then give BetOnline Mobile a try. You’ll likely be very pleased with what they have to offer.


5Dimes App

Okay, so the 5Dimes site looks like it’s straight out of 1995, complete with bouncing basketball animated GIF, but don’t let looks be the only determining factor for you. The site actually offers a huge selection of sports betting options and excellent customer service to match.

While on other Android and iPhone sports betting apps you may have trouble getting to a customer support agent through email or chat, 5Dimes makes it super easy to do. You can chat, email or even call them any time to get quick answers to any question if you need help.

They also offer tons of bonuses like cash back programs, player rewards and loyalty perks and other goodies that their competitors just don’t have. That’s why 5Dimes has been in business since 1996 and built a superb reputation for themselves along the way.

If you go with them, not only will you be able to bet on everything from pro wrestling to competitive eating, but you’ll also be able to do it knowing that they won’t close up shop overnight, taking your winnings with them.

While 5Dimes might lack the flash of newer sports bookers, they’ve got something much better going for them. Namely experience, reliability and more sports betting options than you can shake a stick at.


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