Tom Brady is Returning to the NFL and Bucs Odds Go From 28-1 to 8-1

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Tom Brady is apparently un-retiring, which changes the entire landscape of the upcoming NFL season.

Colorado-based sportsbook MaximBet adjusted its Super Bowl, conference, division and MVP odds after today's news. Here's how the Bucs odds were impacted:

Super Bowl: 28-1 to 8-1
NFC: 14-1 to 7-2
Division: +150 to -215

NFC South
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -215
New Orleans Saints +450
Atlanta Falcons +500
Carolina Panthers +700

Super Bowl Top 10

Buffalo Bills 7-1
Green Bay Packers 15-2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-1
Kansas City Chiefs 9-1
Los Angeles Rams 12-1
San Francisco 49ers 14-1
Denver Broncos 14-1
Dallas Cowboys 16-1
Baltimore Ravens 20-1
Los Angeles Chargers 22-1
Tennessee Titans 22-1

MVP Top 10

Josh Allen 7-1
Patrick Mahomes 8-1
Aaron Rodgers 9-1
Tom Brady 10-1
Matthew Stafford 11-1
Joe Burrow 12-1
Dak Prescott 12-1
Justin Herbert 12-1
Kyler Murray 13-1
Russell Wilson 15-1

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