Surveillance Released: Mobster Angelo Musitano Gunned Down in Brazen Daylight Hit

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  • Police are hoping someone can identify suspects getaway vehicle
  • Victim was son of Canadian mob boss
  • Musitano family engaged in various criminal behavior that included gambling, drug trafficking and extortion
  • Friends of slain man stunned by “well planned” murder, claiming he had found God

Two gunmen opened fire on a Hamilton Ontario mobster as he walked along his driveway last Tuesday afternoon in what police say was a “well planned” hit.  The murder occurred in a newly constructed community of Waterdown, leaving area residents in fear.  Law enforcement have since released video surveillance of the murder and are requesting help from the public.

The victim was one Angelo Musitano, the middle son of one of Ontario’s most notorious crime bosses, Dominic Musitano, who died of natural causes in 1995.

The Musitano Crime family, originally from Calabria, Italy, engaged in such criminal behavior as racketeering, loan sharking, money laundering, fraud, prostitution, murder, gambling, drug trafficking, smuggling and extortion.

Friends of victim said he had turned his life around in the past four years, found God and joined their weekly men’s Christian Bible study group.

From the National Post:

Based on witness information and images captured on the numerous security systems peppered about the neighbourhood, police say the gunman got out of the driver’s door of the Ford Fusion before opening fire at close range on Musitano, 39, as he arrived home in his pickup truck. The gunman then returned to the driver’s seat of the Ford.

But that car was found Sunday just 450 metres away — less than a minute’s drive — from Musitano’s house on Chesapeake Dr.

Det.-Sgt. Peter Thom, the lead homicide investigator on the case, believes the suspects switched vehicles.

“It appears well planned, and a second vehicle parked nearby with a driver would make sense,” said Thom. “You don’t want to be involved in something like this and get back to the car and find that the car has been towed or is gone. It would make sense there is a second person involved.”

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Video of hitman's car in Angelo Musitano's murder, Hamilton mobster

“Is it something from the past? Is it something current? In an investigation like this there will be more theories than in your normal homicide investigation, because of the victim’s background,” he said.

“We’ll follow the evidence but look at the whole picture.”

Musitano was married with three young children. He was 39 years old.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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