State By State Super Bowl 2021 Predictions Map

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C Costigan
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America is expecting a Super Bowl rematch between the Chiefs and Bucs, at least according to an analysis of Twitter data.  The Chiefs and Bucs are 5-1 and 6-1 favorites to win Super Bowl 56, respectively.


BetOnline.ag queried keyword phrases written on Twitter over the last month such as "Super Bowl 56," "Super Bowl LVI champ" and "win Super Bowl 56," which yielded nearly 200,000 tweets.

Those tweets were geotagged within the U.S. so you can see each state's prediction to win Super Bowl LVI.

The Chiefs took the majority of Midwest and Western states, claiming 18 in total to lead the way.

Tampa Bay predictably took the Southeast portion of the map, but also nabbed five states in the Northeast. There are obviously still a lot of Tom Brady fans in that area of the country.

No other team has more than four states predicting it will hoist the Lombardi Trophy at season's end.


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